The Beauty of creation is all the nuances that are of the same source. This is the time of year we are with loved ones in big  and small groups celebrating. We are celebrating the Presence of Love.

We all have our own essence, our own scent ,our own hue of being, we will never be exactly like another, though we are all one in Spirit, in Human we are reflecting each other. We will have our own inner experience of what is happening or being shared. We may have similar understandings and share these in ease, or very different experiences, we can still be in ease.

Gratitude and Love for ourselves…

When you have this in kindness , you are able to share and be free with allowing others to be as they present. Be present with the presence within and you will be in that with others. Knowing you are loved even when it seems to be a different way of expressing than you might understand will be present in you. When you are willing to let go, and be in flow, you are open to receiving, you will be surprised at how you are touched even when you are not being physically touched or even in exchange. Allow yourself to enjoy this time of gathering without demand or abandoning yourself or others. Allow the Inner Love to expand. you are Beloved, allow this to lead you.

You can not be perfect, or in control of others, do not assume you have the right way or answers. When you are vulnerable and open to yourself, appreciating your own vulnerabilities,  know your view of things are just that, ” your view.” There is no right or wrong only experience.

Moving into observation in love and watching your inner reaction allows you to be empowered taking responsibility for your experience. We all are Love and we all have places that still do not know love. These are the places that want what they want, in order to know they are loved. To know Love is to be love, these places are still awakening. Remember to be the love to those places. Take time for yourself this season. Do not forget to be the love to you and share in freedom and gratitude for yourself and to allow others essence.

The bloom of each human is an amazing scent of God, Look through the same eyes that you see the bloom of a rose and smell the scent in the same acceptance and admiration. The rose is what it is and when you see it your heart may open, you do not control it or own it or even have to touch it to experience it. Isn’t that amazing?We are one Love and that is how that works.

Remember your way is not the right or wrong way it is another hue, another experience, let go and be authentic and allow others the same, admire in Love. you will see your true self expanding in Love.

Have a Blessed Season of Love sharing.

In Loving Service



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