“Ordinariness is the prior condition to God” J.R.


Polishing in Love – Polishing in Forgiveness – Polishing in Acceptance- Polishing in Grace.

Polish – Let Go – Let God- Give- Receive, Open your heart where you have hurt, where you withhold Love in you.

Pay attention to your Breath, your body, your emotions,  your thoughts, Breathe in Love where there is restriction, ask for help, ask yourself to let go of what you hold tight to in restriction and negativity. Do not deny these parts, they will keep surfacing or drop to your unconscious, and still run you. You are being polished by God, make yourself available. Do not Deny You.

You are Beloved – Release and Reveal your crown in each Loving Breath.

It is ordinary- seeing through those eyes allows you to accept and Love all of you, all of your mistakes, all of your anger, all of your hurt, all of your judgement. Forgive and love those parts. Accept, you are perfectly not perfect, and be present in love, let go and polish all of those places in Love. You will move to peace, joy and celebrate all.

This time of year is full of light, which allows all these places that withhold or do not know love to surface more, to polish with love -light. Quiet your mind ,open your heart, ask for the light for the highest good to assist you in this process. Breathe in Love Breathe Out,, continue in Love forgiveness, giving and receiving .

When you are in situations that bring things up, remember you are human and you are Divine, allow the simple process of Breath, the Spirit , Love and Forgiveness to be your go to in those moments. This can be a moment by moment process. Be your best friend where ever you go. God is in there with you as you. Allow the presence to surface by being present in you, even while you are with others. All is happening inside you anyhow. Flow begins to take over in relaxation and you are full, not restricted or shut off holding tight.

Merry Christmas- Happy Holidays

Polish – Shine Bright in Love- You are the Beloved.

This is an ordinary journey of extra- ordinariness…. Relax, accept yourself and you will know Love, you will know the present – in that the presence resides.  In Joy, In Peace, in Quiet, in Love. In You it al resides.

In Loving Service


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