Self Awareness


We are all connected.

One of the great gifts we are given is to awaken our inner Guidance, in self awareness.

If we believe other people have the power to manipulate us through thought or  other manipulation, we will experience this. To be awake and aware to ourselves is self responsibility.

No one has power over us unless we allow or promote it. This can come in from Karma and we may or may not be aware of our own patterns of control that are being called up. We may have been playing in that field for many reasons for many lifetimes. Being a victim to our own misunderstanding and forgetting who/ what we are. This is the game here.

When we take responsibility for ourselves and take the time to explore the Opportunities of awakening the flow of love in the places that are in separation, moving through life as a victim becomes impossible, as we are a Divine Design.  We all are reflecting and stimulating opportunites for  alchemy. Transformation from negative to positive is just a different energy of flow. Our life begins to flow from a new energy source, one  that is empowered in Love and positive flow.

Remember you called to yourself all of your experience . You are a Divine co-creator and you have a super power of love. Divine awakening, self awareness, choosing from your own presence of being present in you.

Do you know where and who you are inside or are you outside of yourself, trying to figure out what to do?

Go deeper into the inner self, explore through Light attunment and loving inner work. Do not hide as you can not anyway.

Know your own self,. ” Be true to Thine Own self.”  do not blame others you just surrender more of your inner super love power. Use whatever it is for strengthing and uplfitment. It  is here for your growth, awakening.

Much Love and Light


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