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Kind Love


Gentleness inside allows , relaxation and love flow.

Be kind inside, speak kind words to yourself. You are Beloved.

Allow the flow of Love to resonate n you in gentle kind breath, soften your gaze, soften your thoughts, be still, listen to your loving heart sing Gods Song Of Love life.

Walk gently in the strength of Love.

Happy – Loving – Monday.



Light Sessions – Sun Valley – February 21st – 25th, 2020 Schedule Now


     Light Session  Opportunity in Sun Valley

February 21st – 25th, 2020.

These are full times of opportunity, take time to go inside and clear, let go of what is pushing and pulling you out of alignment. When you take care of yourself you can take care of others in ease and grace. Open to the Grace. The outer world does not determine your inner world. Your inner world is key to all that is present. Open to all that comes present in Loving Healing Light. When you let go – you lift and free yourself to Divine Inspiration. Light overflow in abundance.
To schedule your session
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Venmo  is the best way to pay for this session. Paypal is also available send through friends and family to Christi Mider.
I look forward to sharing this time in the loving Light with you.
In Loving Service

Free Love



Love is free, no need to control, though it is natural to want to hold on. I have been aware of shifts in my inner love that is expanded and is letting go of the way I  have participated with others. I am still in process.

I have found many relationships shifting,  this does not mean there is not love, it is a place that is free and expanded, no longer relating in the old way.s of need, it was  where I did not know love. When that place begins to awaken, attachments change. Sometimes we move away from others or just let go of our own patterns. This can seem like something is wrong but, it is not an upset or against, it is a place that is free.

Love is available from a – far. Actually there is no over there, it is all in us.  To be One does not require connecting physically. Not to say physical connection is limiting or wrong but, I have been made aware of many changes that have come forward in me that has taken me more inner in with my relationships . The place that knows I am Love and Loved without holding on to others has become more of a foundation, Loving from  the inner is where those relationships live. Love is intimate inside, expanded and at peace as is. There is no afar. So where my physical body is can still know love. Being in my center flow all is present. To be with others is fantastic and I do this often. Stepping back also is being present in me awakening to my inner flow and walking in freedom, I am expanding in Love. New paths take us towards new experiences inside.

One Love is on my mind today. One love is Free, It looks many ways. It is what is inside.

Sharing is important and knowing when to let go is important. Letting go without againstmess  is very possible. It can be a shift in the path that is to take you on a new and expanded journey. Your Journey is always unfolding. It is an inside job, so listen inside for the quees that lead to expanding in Love.

It is a mystery to us as it unfolds, and sometimes it can be hard to trust the changes. Is it loving in you? If so keep being loving, opening more to love flow and allow what is present to expand in Grace.

BE Love in you to you first, allow this to build and when you share you are free, Free to come and go and so are others.

I am Loving. There is a fountain that expands and overflows to all. This foundation is fed by a Beloved Light fountain, feeding my  Inner Light of the Beloved that is Breathing me and I see it in  you too.

Love is free and overflowing.

I am sure I have much more room in me for love  to awaken, and I am willing to keep knowing I do not know. The places that get nervous at  letting go into love still show up and I just love them.

Choose love and be free inside.

In loving celebration inside and out.


Ocean of Love

A little more to play in… Love…

All For One Ocean of love, click Link…



Happy Love Day Every Day…An Ocean of Love Flows Through You and fills You, surrounds You. You Walk in Love and Breathe in Love.  You are Love…

In Loving




Love Is Present


Breathe In The Loving – The Essence is illuminating in you, from you, and flowing back to you. Love is present.

Pause …Breathe…and allow yourself to be present in you. Hear your heart beat, open your eyes to you inside. Open Your Heart to You Inside. Experience the Beauty illuminating in Light in Love. There you are. Beloved Shining Love Light. Never Alone,  only expanding in Love. Overflow is Present. Tuning to the Beloved within, allows the song of the Beloved to sing to your beloved, expanding your awareness of the Beloved  and you know Love is Present.

Breathe in the love.

Happy Love Life –  Beloved One.

In Loving