Be Present – Be Authentic


Simple moments.

No need to rush – push – pull. Be present with what is and see the beauty inside and out.

Be present in your heart, simply breathe in and out Love. Allow the flow as you stand in the harmony of all things in love. Be present, allow the Light to reveal itself. No need to Rush – Push – Pull.

Be present. See the brilliance of the Light reflecting in all things. Be present in Love. Allowing is letting go.

Be present, enjoy and follow the Rainbow of Light of Love.

The song of Love whispers – then sings loudly within you. BE Present and listen, go inside.

Be…Present …Love.

Happy March 2020

1 thought on “Be Present – Be Authentic

  1. Kat

    Hello Christi,

    Warms my heart to receive this message from you as tomorrow morning is day we transition mom from rehab to assisted living and we meet her new home. I found a card of St. Jude today and was thankful of his appearance!

    When I awoke this morning I almost called you as I was so challenged, but did my SE’s and meditated. When I received this post, it was perfect, thank you.

    I also wanted to connect with you regarding the retreat, I think the deadline is/was today for early bird price? Susan said she would assist me with half if tuition – can I zelle you the balance after I return from NY in 3/9 – I have to make some monies available. Can you work with this? As of now I am planning to participate workshop online.





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