While there are so many changes and challenges, we can go inside and find a place of love a place of peace.

Yes, we are in an experience that is opening us to  our fears, our hurt, and concerns for our living situations. If you notice the more you seek a wrong or right position in all of this we become more fearful, more charged in negativity.

Negativity inside breaks down the flow and if you take a moment you may notice you feel more stuck and powerless.

These are all human reactions and concerns that are present, not wrong or right just present.

Take time to help yourself, go inside, Breathe in Love Breathe out what is not love, keep taking time to go within. Be present, look around and see what is in loving inside and out. See what you can be grateful for and begin to hold positive images and feeling of love, creativity inside, open to this flow. It is present even in the midst of what appears scary and out of control.

We are not in control, but, we choose. Choose yourself, choose Love and if that means breathing in gratitude and that is all you can do, that is powerful.

One moment a day, and keep adding. These will add up.

You are Beloved Love, awaken and allow the deep support that is present, go within and you will find what you a seeking. Love, Flow, all is present including health as you open to this flow.

You are love – you are Loved…There is more available- open to receive and you will find miracles happening inside and out.

Sending You All Love and Light – you are Beloved

In Loving Service



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