Breathe In Love… Breathe Out Letting Go In Love..Let Love Lead You…

In These times of collective and personal challenges that are surfacing each day, we all have an opportunity to allow ourselves to expand and open in love flow . This expansion brings a centering in yourself, building a foundation on love that is always present and energizes creativity, health, wealth and happiness . God Flow.

Take time to allow the places inside that are in worry, fear, hurt and more to come forward, embrace them in love. Give them nurturing as your child that needs to know there is a Loving home present and available supporting them always. It is a time to open to healing, nurturing, expanding inside. We all connect and vibrate in this powerful Love as we heal, we heal the planet. This is an inside job. To Love yourself in all ways, this includes the  places that resist love, are in hurt and fear are welcomed into this nurturing love of remembering who you are.

Breathe in the Love… Breathe Out in Love, Let Go and allow Love to heal, Allow the Spirit the Light to awaken in you, in those places that live in separation hiding from Love from the support which is Love we seek.. Your internal love flow is key to this, it is present in you. This flow is the source of life.

When we heal we heal the world…

While you are home, you have an opportunity to do the inner work, This is a powerful opportunity time. You are Beloved . Take time to be available to what is coming forward in this expansion. Know nothing is being withheld, you are being given an opportunity to be with you, awakening…To the Beloved flow that Breathes you.

You are Loved, You are Love…Take Care of You…

In Loving Service


Private sessions available via zoom or phone …

I am also offering a weekly evening Thursday Night 2 hour workshop.

Contact me for bookings or details and signing up for the workshop details.

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