Peace – Love – Expansion is Present – Zoom Workshop – Thursday Nights – 4 Weeks – Zoom – 7:00pm – 9:00pm Pacific Time – Start Date April 16th, 2020 – There is a place for you.


We are in this together as we explore our inner Expansion. A time of awakening as we are challenged to remember we are One Love Inspired. Heal In Love, Awaken In Love.

A song of Love::

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We are on a journey that brings us to a place of the unknown every day, opening new doors to new knowing .

There is breath and opportunity that is present in this time of challenge – change.We have an opportunity to explore new ways of being in flow in Love in Peace – inspiration in our inner life, co-creating a new outer life.

The places that are not in this peace and love, are welcomed into the loving, in Peace in this moment. Healing and expansion go hand in hand.

I am offering another 4 week  Zoom gathering, with a small group for 2 hours every Thursday night. We meditate opening to the Flow of Spirit, and allow sharing and processing with what is present. We do this in a sacred loving tender community. The light is present, the Love is Present,  support and awakening is available. These continued sharing release and build a new foundation of Love Flow that allows  you more connection to your  authentic self in flow with the Light. This is the Source of All.Infinite Flow, health, wealth and happiness on the inner overflows.

This workshop is limited to a small #, so I can share with each person.

If you would like to take part please contact me via email,

Please read this entire Tuition sharing. There is new information. you are supported.

Tuition is $325 – Prepayment requested ,  PayPal,  Zelle,  or Venmo. 

I understand many are in hardship, I want to support those that I can. So please let me know if you want to take part and need some assistance. This gathering is about Loving exploration support, holding in the light. We are One as we heal, we are a drop that ripples out. 

In Loving Service


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