Take time to be… Breathe in the sweetness right where you are. Receive, allow what is present to be full – whole – all in perfection, all in flow, just as it is now. You are not waiting for something, you are the something, you are the Beloved who has been given the opportunity to reach, relax deeper within to awaken the Love that you are. From this flow you are propelled in gentle grace in each step. Take time be present now, in each breath and each step, you are Divine and all is present now. Celebrate in Loving Gratitude. Be present , be willing to receive the gift in this moment, in this breath , in this day. Take time – pause – be present – calm the mind – clam the emotions – calm in Love and Gratitude, See the Divine through those eyes of love.
Be present in your own heartbeat – receive the song of God in this wave of life. Divine Breath, be present, receive and let go. Calm the mind – calm the emotions, relax and open your breath, your eyes, your inner knowing all is Divine – aligned. Be present – Be in Gods Love flow. Be present….Let go … Be present…

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