Breathe In – Be Present Keep It Simple in Love

In this time of change and challenges there is one place I reside in peace. I know for me, I am called to be mindful, be present in me and where I am, Breathe in the sweetness that is in the simplicity. Just writing that opens my heart. To push or pull seems to throw all parts off, a sense of separation becomes the struggle , So I take a pause and Breathe in the sweetness of what is present in gratitude. even the thing that pulled – pushed I can have appreciation for, as it awakens me to experiencing how great it is when I do remember to slow down, be present and move to the gratitude, look for the good, the simple is full of nuances of fragrant Loving and peace. In this moment I see there is nothing to do but, hold in simple moments of Love. The polarity relaxes from me and I am in more clarity, letting go of disturbance, worries or what ever might be the push or pull that is calling me into confusion.

Though the world is full of challenges, being aware and staying present in what there is in loving – in gratitude changes our vibrations and this flows out to others, calming and bringing more harmony present in simple ways is powerful love.

Breathe in the sweet essence of love that is always present. Spread the love by being this, take simple steps, be present in gratitude with what is sweet now in your life where you are, allow this flow to touch you on the inner, expand in Love and you will be illuminating, touching others without even physically touching. This is a silent and powerful service to you and all.

In Loving Service


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