Be Kind

In these times of challenge our inner and outer world are being deconstructed. This is an expansion, all that is holding onto the things that dwell in separation inside from loving are being shaken.

Be kind to those places, place your focus on the simplicity of Breath in love. Be open to releasing where there is restriction, control, fear and more. Being flow in love can be a challenge, when we feel powerless, hurt, fearful, angry. Ultimately love will have its way, that is what we all are seeking. That is what we all are…

Be kind to yourself, remember the places that are pulling at you in polarity are just calling out for love. The Love is present, it is everywhere and you will know this when you awaken to this inside you. Take time for yourself, take care of yourself, keep it simple. Bring loving forgiveness to those places that come up that do not know love and dwell in misunderstanding, listen and allow the light to come in, you will begin to experience the flow of love in new ways and be held in it. You will know this love is present regardless of what may be happening and you will see from the altitude of Divine Love and know all is well.

Love will prevail as all is inspired in its core creation form Love,. This is who – what we are. The Beloved One – Divine Love is extra- ordinariness , Divine Inspiration is Breathing us all, we are remembering ourselves home in love. Love is the key that unlocks the door that seem closed off or separate.

Be the love you already are.

Enjoy this song, Lisa shared this one – take it in.

In Loving Service

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