What are You Looking For?

I am aware of another phase of agitation and need for control coming forward in me and others. We are in our expanding life, this is an inner expansion that is pushed to let go in Love. This is a flow of neutral love, as this is happening our Karma our sense of need may show up. We may start to have more mental chatter and need to judge or control. We might experience a need to keep busy to a point of avoiding ones self.

These times are just opportunities to be present and use what is coming up to heal , clear, free yourself inside. These agitations are are not more powerful than you. Take time to be with yourself , peaceful -walks, freeform , meditation. exercise. Help yourself bring forward what is pushing you around. When you stuff this kind of thing you begin to generate energy that is creating more of the same around you.

These places are still experiencing a sense of separation, Love is the answer, Forgiveness in kindness in loving for those places that still are lost in separation, comparisons, anger, unworthiness, and more.

Bring yourself present in your loving Breath, simplify… when you do this, you find things calming, it may take a dedication to yourself in Love. Choosing your loving path is one of peace, and love. you may find yourself not needing to be so busy, and find comfort in being in the moment. Open to the overflow of Breath – Love in Flow.

Learning to receive and give up the restrictions, letting go the idea it is a race. Be present and honest with where you are, allow what is present to be bathed in Love in light. You will find the places that are in discomfort may be holding onto stories that keep you in restriction of receiving in love and peace.

Listening to yourself and being in alignment as you choose to walk in your life in your relationships in all areas, allowing the love to lead, allows the experience of being present in yourself in an authentic way, knowing you are full in love whatever you are choosing. To know your inner voice of love and direction goes beyond want and need it is free.

The more you are pushed the more Grace is calling you. Choose to take the time to go inner and do the loving work of Spirit to awaken what is calling to let go of.

We are all Love…Waking the places that sleep in separation.

Much Love – Grace – Peace


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