Be Love Light

Today is another day full of opportunity. Come present inside and make it simple, Breathe in the Love, the Light and Breathe out letting go of what you are holding onto, what you are locked down in. Be aware of your body, as you do this and you will be aware of the places you are not Breathing. Yes breathing, Breath is life and it is in all of you. God Breathes you.

Now Breathe in, relax, breathe out let go, breathe in fill in flow in love in Light, allowing a healing balm of light to move through you, relaxing lifting clearing any restrictions, calming your body, your mind your emotions. Let all go into the light transmuting in to love. Relax allow the sweetness to expand inside, allowing the flow the knowing all is in process in perfect ways in perfect timing. Breathe in the comfort the love allow the loving breath to support you beyond what you know into the unknown loving. Receive and give, give up what is not serving you anymore, receive the love light into that place or places that have been holding in negativity, control, judgement, fear, hurt, shame, and more. Let it all go and continue to breathe in the love light and breathe out and give up in love. Now continue this and as you do this relax and allow the true love to become your cycle of love Breathing you, expanding your inner Light and awareness.

Continue until you are ready to open your eyes and I suggest you sit down and write what may come forward, you are now ready to hear, see through loving eyes and ears. You are Love light

Be the Love Light You are awake.

In Loving Service


2 thoughts on “Be Love Light

  1. erika beyrich

    Hi, Love and Light to you! Hope you are well xo Erika And thx ๐Ÿ™ for this .. itโ€™s lovely ๐Ÿ˜Š

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