Authentic Flow

Expansion from restriction in innocence.

Open in Love in freedom, letting go of control, being in the innocence.

Expanding in innocence, being honest and loving with what we have held between us and Love. The need to be in control, the fear that there is not enough something which usually is a sense of lack in ourselves.

What – Who Blooms a flower? The flower within is Gods love, this, is an infinite flow, Let go of the control, let the loving – light in and allow the awakening in freedom.

We are relaxed, authentic, compassionate to our foibles and others foibles, they are helping us bloom.

Be relaxed, in the innocence and strength of love flow. Simple relaxation, forgive the places that forget and lock down in negativity and control. To receive we release the control and open in Love.

Be Present, feed yourself in the loving and ask for assistance in Spirit – let the Light to lead,. pause attune in innocence and willingness, you will reveal, receive and expand in letting go.

Bloom in you abundant flow of the beauty and loving that is watering, feeding and breathing you.

You are Beloved even when you do not know it.

In Loving Service


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