Control…Love It All…

We are here together…what one person experiences through their veils of awareness can be completely different than another and usually is.

The energy of a persons focus can proceed an interaction and set up a dance of ease and grace or a dance of confusion, missed communications. None of this is bad or wrong, it just reveals so many nuances of control that may present. Assuming someone knows what you are thinking or doing is usually a set up for misunderstanding. Sharing with another person is just that sharing, keeping the flow ,is a clarifying communication. There is no wrong or right way to do something, it is a preference.

Communication keeps the flow going, even when we have to find the rhythm of the dance to flow in ease, supporting the whole. Who is leading? Or are you in control mode or allowing a harmony.

We all stumble and we all are pushed in ways that can challenge harmony, this does not mean all is lost. If we choose to create it as a loss – cutting of the opportunity to get up and learn our part in the confusion is our opportunity to heal, is a missed opportunity but, no fear, it will come around again. That is what I have experienced…

Take the time to relax, allow the sweet scent of Love to begin to lift the restrictions, the defenses, the judgments on yourself or others and release the place that has been holding tight in right and wrong, control. Wanting others to be what you want them to be.

There are so many cast systems that we all carry inside us. Work – family – friends – groups – positions that seem to make us feel important, like we belong or not. These places are controlling us, if we need to do it our way and no other way, with no meeting in the middle or understanding of another, we block the opportunity to share and play and expand inside ourselves and with others. We are never victims, we can release this idea by, being brave and honest, looking at the places that are in resistance to letting go to find a harmony in loving song of communication. This is an inside job, so you do not have to push on another person, you may find this harmony inside and reveal a way to share in new ways.

These times that we are in have so many energies floating in the ethers, we can get caught in a polarity and be off and running on a rigid position, feeling like one person is demanding unable to understand what may be happening, is just an opportunity to clear something, come into a new way of being free inside ,which frees us from deciding we are right and they are wrong or visa versa. That is funny because things are in constant change, revealing all of these separation stories we all carry, known and unknown.

Be kind to yourself and to others. Remember everyone and I mean everyone has opportunity to expand – let go -Let God – awaken the places that keep trying to control and missing opportunities of Loving -sharing – creativity expansion.

I am always discovering places in me that have been taking a position that thwarts my freedom. Some came in with me and for me, with all that is going on, they are surfacing in amazing ways. Not comfortable always ,but, when I get still and I am willing to listen and allow the gift of information revealing itself in a situation, in me, I start to release in Grace. I just have to be willing to see what I may not know is there oe even want to know is there and Love it all. These conditioning can be very subtle but, may keep us in bondage .

So be willing always to look in the mirror, whatever you are throwing at another person, is yours. That means no victim, no right or wrong. Just loving healing opportunity to come into a harmonious flow. Coming to an agreement, meeting in flow works for all, inside and out.

So onward we go in this amazing time of the planet and people on the planet, letting go, struggling to let go and go higher. We are One Beloved Song, the sweet scent of Grace -of God is Present, be willing to take pause and be willing to go for the loving outcome, even if you can not see how or what that is, be willing to have a surprise of your eyes and heart opening to new experiences inside, letting go of fear and holding tight to the old ways of being. We all are in bloom, the petals that are tight will eventually let go and old ones will fall to the ground to fertilize the soil to grow new blooms.

Nothing is ever rigid. So relax, find your focus through a love lens, and see what happens. Keep it simple, nd be open to the unknown – there is a knowing in this place.

Still in My Loving Classroom. In My Loving Gratitude


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