2 Days – Private Session Gift – October 20th, and 21st, 2020

A Gift For You and or A loved One…

I am offering a gift price Light Session of $275 for 2 days October 2oth, and 21st, 2020. Prepayment is requested..

It is a time of transformation for all, there is a call for more support, more loving, more understanding in comfort. as we are awakening the cells of our creations to the loving light – we all are in this and the Planet is our reflection of our inner opportunities.. So much opportunity is present, each day we are dancing in the new and awkward choices of the world. Choosing – in a loving focus can be challenging, as frustration, fear and more are coming up for so many. we seek Love and Harmony and we polarize inside when we feel lost or confused. All of this is temporary and we have places opening to knowing new freedom inside in new ways, bringing freedom to outer experience. Aligning in the Divine Flow is letting go into the Light of the High Flow…

Book your session: email christi@christimider.com

Payments can be made through Venmo – PayPal or Zelle.

In Loving Service


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