LET GO…. Winter Offering….Online


“ Control the Master Addiction” J.R

Grace is available as we let go we loosen the grip and Spirit Flows.

Beloved Ones…
Hello ,
We are in another phase, so much has released and is still releasing. Let Go Let God…
While we may be experiencing so much relaxation and release we may have ideas of what should be. We may see surfacing many places that have been holding onto outcomes inside ourselves in a controlling pattern. Freedom within is a flow of God love inspiration – we do not control we let go and receive and it is a flow

I am aware of a push on letting go of control patterns in a deeper way.The question I ask myself – am I willing to give this up to receive the greater awareness of God – Awaken ? Am I really willing to be quiet, and listen. To listen from a place of not knowing, letting go of ego and need. Letting go of the idea of being perfect or special. Where have you outcast yourself? Special brings a great gift as we all already are special, we are the ones who do not know it. No one else can make you know you are Divine Love – this is an inside job, in the flow of the Divine Love  that we all  already are.

To clear the places that keep telling us we are not that, is a profound and challenging process sometimes. Opening to the Christ in you is a wonderful focus in this. Through loving forgiveness, we begin to let go in this Grace field, not being afraid to let go of fear of what may have been stuck in there, standing between you and God awareness – in a flow in every breath. No shame, no fear only a loving freedom awaits, beyond emotions in the field of Soul and Beyond.

I am inspired to have us come to gather focused on Letting God – Grace – Letting Go of Control.This is a wonderful place to free up space for the awakening of Christ – Grace within.
We are going into Holidays through December and January , my intention is to have this rolling series expansion, leading the focus of the time. Supporting the alchemy that tends to be pushed in these months. Love and Joy, and what comes up can be challenging the Love and Joy.

Love – Joy – Grace in Every Breath


1) First Workshop – Tuesday November 17th, 2020

Time :6:00 pm – 8:00 Pacific Time – over usually 3 hours

2) Private Session week

3) December 1st or 4th TBD  by class

4) Private Session week

5) December 15th or 18th TBD by class

6) Private Session week

7) Fourth  workshop TBD by class

Tuition includes 4  Workshops – 3 private sessions – to be scheduled the weeks between workshops.. This is a deepened support.

Tuition is : $1525 Prepayment is requested.Venmo – Zelle -Paypal -Check.

In loving Service Christi

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