Gift Of Love – December Light Session Discount Offering. This Gift Offering must be purchased by December 12, 2020. The Session Itself may be used in the month of December 2020. Wishing You and All Many Blessing Of Love – Light – Flow in All ways…

Take Care of Yourself – Share – Let Go – Be in Flow of Support for you and others. It is an overflow…

Happy Holidays

However you celebrate this time of year, it is always about the loving. Sharing comes from an authentic place inside our hearts. There is no need to deplete yourself, be this love in you, to you, awaken to the Divine you. Share from Overflow and relax…

We are in a process in our world that has called us more inward, this can be challenging for many and it is an opportunity to heal, move deeper within – opening to flow by letting go into the loving.. Being more connected within brings choices and awareness of the places awaiting the Loving. We align in this flow and walk with an inner peace and glow.

Take time for yourself – discover the inner beauty that has been in hiding, wrapped within the the places confronting you in discomfort, in illusion, keeping you in a sense of separation. Take time to let go – relax – in the loving.

I am offering a Holiday gift opportunity, of a Light session for $275., this must be used in the Month of December. This is a great way to take care of yourself and or give as gift.

This Gift Offering must be purchased by December 12 th, 2020

  • The Sessions are to be completed by December 31st, 2020
  • Email me @ to purchase and schedule or if this is a gift I will send a gift email. you will provide the information needed
  • PrePayment via Venmo – Paypal – Zelle
  • If Credit Card is preferred there is a card fee applied.

We are all here together – uplifting ourselves and uplifting the planet as we uplift. Touching one another with our hearts near and far, it is in our DNA, We are the Beloved, awaken in this Light flow and resonate this love as you are the Gift of Love

Happy Holidays

In Loving Service


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