Journey of Love Workshop Series of 4 Online Classes There is a Space for you in this intimate loving group – We Begin on January 21st, 2021 – 2 hour evening class, 6:00pm – 8:00pm Pacific Time.

Gather in the Light Uplift – Illuminate yourself and the world in Love…

More opportunity to LOVE…

This is a time of obvious change in the world, your inner world is all of that. We are key to the whole as we are the whole. Take time to expand, explore, and heal all that may be surfacing, this is a service to you and all. It is new at every turn, even if this sounds the same. The road inside has many facets of creation calling to be enlightened in Divine Love, remembering all is well, it is an infinite well of God Flow.

We are on this road with many views – we see and experience through our inner lens, our Karma, our own perspective , emotionally, mentally and physically, our stories, our history, hold us in patterns that react, give and receive messages. How do we love while we are in a sense of separation, fear, hurt or misunderstanding?

Our road has many twist and turns, we can dance sing, in love inspiration as we meander up and down this path.. We will also stumble and fall, we will trip over our own fears doubts and worries and more. This is where we strengthen, getting up, with love leading us. We have an infinite weapon, stronger than anything on this planet, we are made of it. When we discover our super power is Love, the road expands in ways of Infinite Divine Flow beyond our imagination. We are a stream of love and light expansion, all is possible, leading us back to our inner source of all. The Divine.

Keeping your eye on Love through it all is not exactly easy or how it sounds. this can be challenging, It is a muscle we build, step by step, a willing heart each step, be willing to be surprised, letting go of the I know and Let God.

January 21st – 2 hour class – 6:00pm – 8:00p – January 31st – 4 hour class – Time TBD February TBD – 2 hour class – Time TBD – February TBD- 4 hour class – Time TBD Last 2 class dates and times will be TBD by group, once signed up.

Tuition for Class series – prepaid – $900

If you would like to add private sessions to this, there is a series of 3 special rate $825

Payments may be made – Venmo – Zelle – PaypalCredit card accepted – there is a card fee

To Register email Christi –

In Loving Service


If you are in need of support please let me know and we can work something out.

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