Let Go – Harmony – Peace

This song is so sweet, take a moment and just allow the places that are holding on to hurt, anger, or … what if you let Love sing there. Take a Love breath in each time that place comes up with a reason to resist peace or love. Let love in those places you have held as a separation so you could be safe, move on, or protect a position or… Let love Sing….It is al in you, let this flow of God Love , love that is free, there is nothing to do but be present in you and let go to Love….Forgive yourself for withholding love to yourself, do this in loving Breath and relax, receive… allow what is to be… no one has to change, let go of control and Be present in this love flow you allow Grace and life inspired in Love. It is in all of this journey….It is the Inspiration of this journey. Love….

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