Inside – Out


Can You Love All Of You? That means the good, bad and ugly…

When we compare or judge ourselves we are in separation from ourself. I know I have written for years – it is an inside experience – view – reaction and story that is generating our experience. Love is the answer but, it can be challenging to be honest – be with yourself, be kind, and be willing to know a deeper Love Flow that is what you are. This love is present in all aspects of you, once you come willing to let go of a position of right and wrong, you give space to the voice inside that may be afraid to share the hurt, not knowing that there is a loving embrace awaiting to comfort and heal, simply allow the Loving Light to illuminate, soothe this place of forgetfulness back to its pure essence of Divine love Not tossing them aside but bringing a High Frequency of Love to these hurts upset, is a powerful awakening to the Beloved within.

Take a moment each time you hear yourself or feel yourself in retraction, negative thoughts or feelings, if you are focused on the outside, go back inside, this may be uncomfortable, that is perfect,. This is a place you are avoiding – Love. You are wanting to be taken care of, to be loved but, if you can not be with yourself in this you are creating more separation inside and experience more separation in your outer world, you are Beloved – be – Loved to yourself and you will find more harmony inside and through your heart you will be more free in your life of love. Then more will open in ways that are beyond this world.

BE Kind – Be Honest – Be – Loved in you. If you are afraid to see yourself, be kind and look in the mirror at the beauty in your eyes and open to love those places that are afraid. Be present in Breath of love.

You are the key… Be present… Open the doors that you have closed inside to yourself, the Lovelight that is Breathing You. Be Present in Love Breath… You are Beloved.

In Loving Service


2 thoughts on “Inside – Out

  1. erika beyrich


    I love these!!! Hey I’ll be at windemere June 27 pm to the 28 th or 29th… any chance you’ll be around for an appointment on the 28th? I’m not sure how far you are from Windemere actually.

    Much love and light and hugs! Erika Rotella

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    1. christi240 Post author

      Hi Erika,

      Fun you are staying up at Windermere. I am 20 – 30 minutes aways maybe less. I end all my retreats up there so it is close.
      I should be available in June , I have been doing only zoom sessions, though by then hope to do more in person. We can put it on books either way. did you get a vaccine? Just wondering not anything on it. Also you should come for one of the retreats here someday. They are so sweet. Love to have your presence. Mean while, June 28th, 2021…Times: 12 or 2 or 3 or 4. Pretty open as that is far out on the calendar..
      Much Love and Light



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