You Belong in Love #2 Expansion – Workshop – July 28th – 4:00pm to 8:00pm Pacific time – Online and In Person

There is a time and place where we become settled in Love even in the unsettled. We can choose to live in love inside, even when we are challenged with all the turmoil we may experience in our lives and our world. I know we all get pulled in fear, judgment and more.

These are times of constant opportunity to strengthen the Inner Home of Love. When we are in this place we know we belong, there is nothing missing.

Join me in exploring the places that may feel separate from or outside of Love. We will walk through this time together in a sacred space of Peace and Love allowing Grace to touch into that unsettles place or places. Bringing comfort through and with Spiritual Assistance in the most ordinary beautiful way . You will attune is sweetness and love and allow the healing balm of love to assist and uplift. Each upliftment builds on the next rippling in out -, creating a foundation of love flow expanding. You find it easier and easier to remember what you are … you are Beloved always, no matter what. You also are able to see all things through those eyes and be at peace in Love as things are in process. We all are seeking love and it is in US. This is where we will find our true Home, Awake to the Beloved. We are ONE LOVE of God Flow…

Registration – email – or text 415-606-4883

Tuition. – $150 Please Prepayment may be made via Venmo – Zellie or pay Pal

In Loving


Private Session Opportunities:

Single 1 1/2 to 2 hour session $350

Package of 3 Series to be done within 3 months or less – less recommended – $900

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