Are you willing to be present and allow the disturbance or the parts that are still struggling to know you belong, you are Love. Not belong to the world but, really belong inside. Can you be with yourself and know you are complete without others to validate it? If you have noticed even when they do give you what you want or need you may still have places that look for more satiation.

Recently I had the opportunity to let go of an attachment to outcome. A service I was involved in fell away from me, it challenged me iin many ways. Once I allowed the truth of me to start to come forward through Loving light healing, I could see how the pain and hurt bought me to a deeper healing and letting go, letting God love. my intention is just that. . To use that intention in honesty, means yes, someone may do what they do but, I am responsible for what I do inside with it. When I fell into anger and hurt, I had to walk my way through this as an opportunity. it took time. It was not always pretty. This was Karma, well life is karma, It had some pretty tight places inside. Once I discovered the place in me that was the opening to hurt and upset, I had an amazing Grace filled expansion. To discover this, I had to be present with myself a lot, and allow – walk through many old things that surfaced, holding love the whole time, unlocking many doors, which was a gift. I was brought to a place as an infant. . Amazing… Love …. protection… and more awakened where this part has been in a state of confusion…This revealed itself by me sitting inside and asking and observing and allowing the discomfort to come more forward,. It is organic as you let go and trust and are not afraid to see, hear, feel or know the truth. I had someone holding the loving light for some of this walk.. This allows your children inside to feel safe to surface and share. Can you love them? You have pushed these things away to cover them up and move away from the hurt to survive , to find Love.

The payoff of being present and learning to Love it all through your inner world is more than a good job or home or whatever you have as outside success. It is an inner awakening and knowing you are Beloved. You are Beloved of God’. The words are not it but, your inner you knows this somewhere. This is Freedom. It is an ongoing process, It is a beautiful dance of love. The outcome brings more peace, love and creativity.

You are Beloved, Love all of your inner children, none are too hurt or scary, they all are worthy of Love. What is confused or hurt deserves to be healed to be loved. Allow the Loving light to assist in this, go beyond the mind. Open to Spirit. It is a journey of love.

You are worth it, not the ego worth it, but, the tender simple kind vulnerable worth it… This is a strong Love…

Be Present BE Love….

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