Light Support

The past 2 years seem to have brought a sense of yearning. A yearning for the old, the freedom. Many have shared how they seem to be spinning in their homes. Doing – Doing yet not getting things done. A sense of incompletions and lack of freedom.We have a pull to the outside world as our source of being. Yet the truth is you – we all are experiencing it inside. Our inner world is where the peace, creativity and love will be found. To be in this flow, taking time with ourselves, allowing the things that may be in disturbance to have a voice, allowing the Loving Light to release it through acceptance and loving understanding. This lead to an experience of ones self as more than this physical world. This is a beautiful process that continues to evolve – expand as you allow yourself to be present in you, inviting the loving light in – to lead guide and assist, as it is in you and around you. To know this – to really know this, taking time for you with the intention of Loving awakening is the key to the doors that seem closed.

We are all involved in a time of upliftment and change. Which is always present. How we are inside and what our intention is will be the key to co-creating the life inside and out of joy, love, creativity awakening to the Beloved in you. Live a light filled always in flow life.

Take time for you, this is the key always. You – be present – not doing outer things but, be present in you. Allow the beauty and discomfort to come together. Explore and awaken to what is really available in you. You are the Beloved. What does that mean?

Breathe – be and open to you. Have a willing heart, see what will reveal itself as you choose this path of Love.

You are the Key to all of what is present in your life.

Light support Sessions and packages are one way to start the process or continue the process.

To Book Please email

Packages – and single sessions or by the minute are available.

See about the Process for more information.

In Love and Gratitude


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