Challenge yourself –

Have you noticed it takes great Strength to choose love sometimes. Be in acceptance and tender.

It seems easy to be quick to hurt another judge another. I am aware of how much more strength it takes and how much more focus and choice to be love. It is a clear inner knowing you are Divine and so are others. To choose to harm to hurt yourself or another is not strong, it is a time of forgetting. Pause and Look for your love, it is there inside. You will find a kinder life when you become what you are looking for – Love. You are that, now take the time , bReathe and allow love to Lead. your breath This is a process of love. This is a practice each day and each moment… You choose Strong Love..

Can you choose Love, can you be strong and put down the sword? The sword you use on yourself and others?

Be Strong…

Beloved – Be Love

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