Pop Up Workshop Online – Sunday January 23rd, 2022- 6:00pm to 9:00pm Pacific Time ( In addition: if you are in a hardship for tuition, I will work it out with you, email me.)

I am inspired to offer a last minute gathering for those who might like to refresh in the Light with meditation and sharing anything that may need support or that will support others. When we share from our hearts, what may need support is a gift to all. We all receive the loving, when we hold for another, we usually relate in some way.So as we ask for support we are receiving and giving. We are always in the Flow of Love if we choose to be open.

To Register: email: christi@christimider.com

Tuition: $100 payment may be made via Venmo , Zellie or Paypal

If you are challenged for Tuition please email me, you are welcome and I will work it out with you. There is a place for you.

In Loving Service


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