Spring Cleaning – Spring Offering

Keep Going

I know we all are experiencing the constant shifts in our world and that is in us. We can use all of this for our personal healing and overflow the loving as we let go and allow the sweetness to permeate the places that are in constriction. Seasons allow us to reflect as we move into out new experiences. All is a reflection of opportunity.

It is Spring and we tend to feel an extra pull of change – to let go of things. Leaving space for more loving flow. Let Go Let God…

Spring Light Session Package – 3 sessions to be used within 8 weeks. Take the time to set an intention and allow what may come present – surface in new ways – letting go of the old crystalized patterns – beliefs – habits. Many of these patterns are running you even if you are not aware of them. Bring the Light in, allow Grace to come forward as you receive – give and live in flow.Infinite Flow…

Refresh – You are Worth It. It all comes from your inner environment, you have the key to unlock old doors and open new doors allowing the Flow of Ease – Grace -Peace- Love- Inspiration to be present.

Spring Package – $825 Prepayment via VENMO – Zellie or PayPal.

Spring Light Session Package – 3 sessions to be used within 8 weeks.

TO BOOK YOUR SERIES EMAIL ME AT christi@christimider.com

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