#1 – Tuesday July 26 – Bring your Challenge Love – Love Expansion Workshop – #2 – Monday August 8, 2022. There is a space for you…

Join in the summer workshop series. Come explore more inner loving expansion. Bring your Challenge Love – Love Expansion Workshop,

Dates and Times:

Tuesday – July 26th – 5pm pt – 9pm P.T.

Monday – August 8th, – 6pm to 10pm P.T.

We are in constant opportunity in our lives to remember our loving is key to our Peace, Clarity – Our Freedom. This is an inner process. This series will build on itself inside. We are on a beautiful flow of opportunity, all leading us to Love Freedom. Simple and expanded.

We will explore and allow the things that challenge us , that are pulling us out of our loving. The process of our inner Love Flow is personal. It is not the outer that really controls this. How we are reacting inside is our experience and our journey to awaken in Love. If we find ourselves challenged we may find ourselves holding our breath, shutting down love in defense , fear and more. These are places that are holding on to old beliefs, habits of protection that shut off the loving flow in us to be safe, while all we are seeking is love.. These become energy blocks that eventually will show up in our lives in some form. They will circle around and around until we choose to go within and see. We are like a beautiful Diamond with many facets, each illuminating a different view of the same stone. We polish and shine brighter and brighter. This is not about judging any of this. We all are Beloved and what is knocking us off our center of love, is just more loving Grace opportunity to heal in Loving Expansion.

Expansion in the Light Love of the Divine. To awaken to the Beloved we are.

We learn to let go into this Divine Love which is our Source. We remember what this is through experience. It awakens a knowing of home and all is Perfect. We let go into Divine Presence in illumination of Love. We are One. How can that be with all the separation we experience here on earth? It is only within our own inner sanctuary that the connection of One has been forgotten yet is still present. It is Breathing us. It is a knowing. Can we live our lives with a focus of love leading us? What would that be like to Love yourself to ease, relaxation, expanded love? This is a life process. So being present and lovingly honest with what is going on is a super power of love. This can take courage, it is choice because it is not always pretty. No shame, can you love that too? Quoting a friend ” It is a Beautiful mess.” It is perfectly designed so is it a mess? How do we see through those eyes? Loving Eyes…

Join me and a sweet group to see what comes forward to be loved. Open to the expansion in Spirit within. Learn to listen and experience what is your inner voice and which one or ones are running you. Learn to give guidance, healing through love forgiving and Loving directions. Learn about the Higher Voice that can guide in Love as you are walking your day to day life within. We will explore as we go. This is very organic and is walked by – in the Loving Light.

Workshops Dates and Times:

TuesdayJuly 26, 2022 5pm – 9pm PT

August 8, 2022 6pm – 10pm PT

Tuition :Three Evenings $450 Single Evening $150These workshops build on each other in you.

Registration prepayment – Payment may be made via Zellie or Venmo

*** I offer support for those who have a hardship with finances, please let me know and we will work it out. In love Abundance of the heart…***

Register; Email : christi@christimider.com

To sign up for the summer rate package email me here too, payment also can be made via Zellie or Venmo. This is a beautiful gift to give yourself to support and expand. These are times we all are being stretched. Take the time and opportunity to be supported and expand in Love.

In Loving Service


Private Sessions by the minute or full session time or package of 3 are always available for you support in loving expansion. See more on this under about the process.

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