Motivated by – in Love



Are You Present in Loving – Wholeness in the One Accord? Are you just going through the motions? Are you in alignment or abandoning yourself to the outer pull? Are you in Joy – are you inspired – uplifted? Are you just going through the motions? What is you purpose? What is motivating you?

These are the questions I ask myself. I am aware of expansion, in expansion letting go and being present, really being present, being available to move when things come in. It is clear and in ease. Clarity is present, joy, creative flow comes present. I am in the oneness flow.

I notice when I allow myself to be pulled off by second guessing myself – which is always a good practice and awareness, I am befuddled and loose the connection in me and Creative flow goes flat.

I am aware it is important to move when Spirt moves me and the practical flows. all involved are following the Spirit it is connected and ease in the dance is a joy, We all enjoy and are uplifted. Straddling for me never works out. These times in my life are so much about letting go of patterns of old. I am tested daily, to get up one more time, be available to the unknown . I know from my past experiences, once the doors begin to swing open all I have to do is trust step and all flows. I am aware of the process of start and then stop, revealing any blocks that may be lingering, or interfering in the Grace of Love Gods flow.

I revisit my questions, am I present, am I in loving,? Am I in accord within in God’s flow, and more attuning questions. One I also love is, am I being honest. Am I listening or pushing in control, Am I being present in Love. Am I serving in the moment in loving. What is my purpose.?

Relax – Breathe in the Breath of Love… Allow Love to permeate the places of resistance. Be present, relax, quiet, open your heart. Be present in Love – be available to take part in harmony of Spirit and be open to sharing allowing others to come present if they choose. All is perfect, Let God lead, all that are to be present will come in ease and grace fthg. This is a creative loving dance when it is allowed from within.

Enjoy the Dance of Loving Creativity of God’s Love Flow.

In Loving Service


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