There is a Space for you – San Francisco & Novato Ca. – Light Sessions in Person August 19,20 and 21, 2022 – Sessions are booking now.

Private Light Sessions In Person San Francisco and Navato, Ca

We all have been in a new beginning process individually and globally, daily and in every breath. . We are letting go of old ways of living and we are in times of opportunity to awaken to a more expansive inner loving and outer loving life. When I speak of this I am referring to letting go of the separations inside, revealing the one or ones inside that are holding tight to past hurts, controls, fear, shames and more. Waking to the Beloved you are and knowing – seeing we all are of this Loving life inspiration. How can we be in harmony within and live our life with others in this harmony that is flowing?. Taking time to clear – open the flow of Lovinglight that is breathing you, that is your life inspiration, this is a beautiful dance of Love. You are the key to all of what you experience and co- create.

I am offering private Light Sessions in San Francisco and there is an option to see me in Novato. Both venues are Marilyn Jaeger Studio.

Sessions run 1 /1/2 to 2 hours, please allow time to support you –

Session Cost- $350 – Prepayment via Venmo or Zellie or PayPal is the process I request to schedule your session

To Book a time with me please email me at

Please include your phone contact and date – time and location San Francisco or Novato, you would like. Marilyn Jaeger Studio will be the venue.

Dates August:

Friday – 19th

Saturday – 20th

Sunday 21st

All sessions scheduled are non refundable,

Travel Cancelation policy – must be made minimum of 10 days prior to your appointment . After that no cancelation.

In Loving Service



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