CLOSET LIGHT SESSION – A New Loving Service I am Offering – End or Begin your year in renewal. This post has more information… more opportunity.

Open the door let theLight in – Clear your Inner closet while you clear your outer closet allowing the light in, letting go of what you no longer need, opening to more light inspiration. Creativity… A New Loving Service I am Offering

I am excited to share a new opportunity to work in the Loving Light expansion in an ordinary way. This can be such a loving playful and tender process. Renewing.

My life has given me many ways to share in the creative processes that can bring more loving which brings expansion, letting go of routines, costumes and hidden hurts and old self limiting images.

Our clothing is something we all relate to as part of how we are seen or want to be seen or see ourselves. My years as a wardrobe stylist allowed me to work on fashions shoots that focused on image on the outer. That path brought me to another level, much more intimate. The personal experience of helping people go through their closets exploring, clearing and expanding clothing but, what happened was Light sessions came forward. This brings discovery of old patterns holding onto beliefs about one – self, hurts, false beliefs and false images.. Freedom from the old routine, old beliefs, allows expansion from within. Renewing the inner love leading to flow in the Light love, living in this world in the loving – free center more and more.

Everything holds energy. What you are telling yourself about yourself when you choose or hold onto these things can be limited. you are always in change, allow yourself to let go and see what is reveal to reveal itself in you. When we lighten our self the shift ripples in our homes and life. Let go of what is no longer serving and renew in expansion. This is an inside job, also outer. There are many ways to approach this, it is in your intention.

This is a vulnerable place, which allows us to let down your guard, maybe it is scary to look at yourself this way but, it turns into a joyful uplifting, transformation on the inner – then the outer will reflect that.

This work is still focused Spiritually in love expansion, how we treat ourselves , love ourselves is the biggest key, and clothing is one of those avenues that reveals a lot of hidden coverings. Our expressions and our hiding.

I am now offering this new service. LIGHT – ClLOSET SESSIONS!

These are offered via zoom and possibly at your home if all aligns. This is powerful, playful and expanding process. Opportunity

The LIGHT – CLOSET sessions are 2 hours @ $400, 1 hour @ $225, or if you request a package of 3, you can request one session as a LIGHT CLOSET session – $950prepayment once we set a date and time.

This is a wonderful way to end or begin the year and maintain throughout the year.his is a great gift.

Contact me and we will set you up. So much love light and joy – expansion..

email me – or 415-606-4883 – leave a message and I will get back asap.

Im looking forward to helping you know you in even greater ways!

In Loving Joyful Service


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