Heart Opening

Have you ever noticed when you experience contraction in an exchange you are contracted inside you?

We all have moments of misunderstanding, when we stay in the mind and idea of what hurt, we keep repeating the experience inside. This creates more energy focused on what seemed to be the hurt or danger. We shut our hearts down to the loving flow to protect and things become more and more intense inside. This is an inside job.

When we feel burdened, we are in contraction when we feel hurt we are in contraction. We all have these times, it is human. Our opportunity is to step away from the world outside and go inside and bring ourselves to the loving, see what is calling out for grace. For healing, for understanding, letting go of againstness. Where have we abandoned ourselves to a limited reality inside? When did we tell ourselves there is a limit of love because someone or something happened in one moment that seemed off? Start with yourself in compassion, what part of you was pushing or pulling in a need, not knowing love. Even if what happens seems random there is still an opportunity to see why you abandon love in you when things are challenged.

We are all perfectly imperfect. when we place perfection on others or ourselves, we will constantly be challenged. How can we love it all? Acceptance… This is a dance of Love, of Spiritual love. All things have a gift of Love for us, in us if we are willing to trust love. Move into a greater willingness to let go and see , experience the gifts of Gods love in us. We are God’s love song, when we can know this experience this, we are given gifts of opportunity to see where we are withholding love in us. It is perfect design of a Divine dance, in what seems to be a beautiful mess… Gods Love Flow is dancing us and when we forget we can choose to remember. In kindness to ourselves, go inside, see what we are holding onto in separation? When we free ourselves in these places, we see the purpose and allow the joyful flow of caring and sharing inside and outside to be present. We take care of ourselves so we can take care of others. We are in gratitude .. Abundance is all that we see and know. There is no limit. This is an infinite creation, we are that infinite love, rediscovering our true self. It is all here for us inside and the outer will overflow.

Ups and downs are here for all of us, this is not against us. We choose to dance into love. Or we choose to dance into separation.

You are Beloved, take time to be honest, allow love to hold you as you allow the things you fear to surface – forgive and dissolve into love. Co-creating a life inside of love and out will come alive in love. It is up to you. Surrender is up to you. you can not pretend this, It is honest, when you are off love – you are calling for love. It is in acceptance, being present. Kindness and letting go of position and restrictions. Freedom of Love and abundance comes flowered inside and out.

Take time for you and find the loving is present. you are Beloved.

In Loving Service


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