Exploring a Peace Walk With-In Love

OCTOBER 31 ~ NOVEMBER 12, 2016

When we travel we may feel a special pull towards or resistance against various locations and cultures. We all carry memories of experiences from most areas on this planet and more.These internal experiences are probably memories, Karmic actions being stimulated. Travel is a great opportunity to clear and free those patterns that are holding in you and not serving you. Traveling out of your comfort zone allows the vulnerability to open to more release many times. We will explore this while playing in lands away from home.

This trip was inspired by spirit and a small group of individuals who take part in most of the retreats and workshops I have offered. If you are open to exploring in a new way your inner self in spirit this opportunity will be perfect. The places we will visit physically and in the inner will be focused on Love, Unity and Peace.

The intention of this trip is to create more experience for you to know where you hold on to upset, war, negativity, separation, then bring peace, love and unity to these places. Peace and Unity within the Beloved. Remember we are Breathed by Spirit the Beloved. To know this is to be the love in freedom. You will walk in Grace. You will walk in Joy.

Rome – 3 Days ~ October 31, November 1 – 3, 2016
Padova – 2 days ~ November 3 – 5, 2016
Tuscany Val D’Orcia – 7 days ~ November 5 – 12, 2016 

 *** Good Food will be on our Agenda ***

How To Take Part…2 Choices…
1) Full Retreat Journey
2) Tuscany Retreat Only

1) Full Journey Package:  $5261.15  Total
*Includes:  Rome, Padova and Tuscany. 

* Your Accommodations and Breakfast in Rome and Padova
* Guided Tours with the group
* Your Accommodations and Meals at the Villa Lira in Tuscany
* Retreat with Christi and Group
* Car and Trains while traveling with the group
* Day spa fee for Mineral Baths in Tuscany
   (If you choose any extra treatments, this will be your responsibility.)

 2) Tuscany Retreat Only: $4156.15 

* Villa Lira accommodations and Meals at Villa
* Retreat ~ Meditation and Processing with Christi and group.
* Day spa fee for Mineral Baths in Tuscany
    (If you choose any extra treatments, this will be your responsibility.)
* Car from Train Station to Villa and Back
* Transport to Spa any other group outings.

November 5th ~ Evening Retreat 3 hours
November 5, 7, 8 ~ Retreat
November 9 ~ Spa Mineral Baths
November10 ~ Retreat
November 11 ~ Free Morning, Afternoon Retreat

November 12 ~ Check out… In Loving Light

*** Plane Reservations and fare will be your responsibility. If you have questions please feel free to ask. Rome is the most Direct flight and place to arrive.*** 

*** If you are only taking part in the Tuscany Retreat we will let you know where you should train to.***

*** We will be traveling by train between cities and Tuscany. ***

This will be an amazing journey for all who are called.

 Now that you are inspired and you are feeling the call, this is how you can reserve your space:

1) Pay in full
2) Pay $1000 non-refundable deposit due now to secure your space
* Remaining balance due in full by September 25, 2016.