When we are in living loving peace in ourselves, we have no need to look to others through hurtful eyes.

The hurt we are seeing is our own fears of our own untruths we have been creating in ourselves many times.  If we know our truth, we have no need to judge or fear someone else. If they are not being kind send them kindness and move away from the negativity. If you are not being kind, find the kindness and move away from the negativity.

You know you are aligned in free love when you do not fear others and have a need to separate through energetic manipulation or hurtful judgment.

Taking care of yourself in loving, is a clear and truthful path. You will not have resistance or negativity in your cells. You will be the love aligned allowing others to find their own way.

We have all made errors, when we can stand and learn from them without shame, we become the loving awakened in our soul selves.

Be the love you are , be willing to look in the mirror and love it all. Change the fears and untruths through love. No one else is causing your pain, you are the Divine creator of your experience. How have you put yourself out in the world?  How have you been speaking to yourself about yourself and the world ?

Be the Love and you will receive the love.

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