Monthly Archives: June 2014

We are the seasons, we are the constant change that is here. It is not caused by an outside source, it is our Divine design. 
Creation is constant, we are one with the creator, creating from our very breath. Being breathed by the source.
Our patterns of  life flow from our very essence of divine design, forgetting who we truly are, to explore, translate, and drop the veils of separateness is our journey.
What we focus on consciously or unconsciously will bring us together with the same vibration of experience.  As we learn to know our power though transformation into love, we ride the flow of the design in joy and willingness to play, look, surrender and love. We heal the past, changing those negative focuses and live in the present with full and grateful hearts.
Our suffering is only illusion, that is information on the path back to our true self. Divine Love. There is perfection in everything, If you are willing to let go of your position and not know, you will know. Not a mental belief or knowing but one that vibrates in your every cell. There may be no words for it, but it is and in that isness is love. 
Your True Essence.
 Come together in an intimate place and group. We will play and explore in the willingness of the unknown to heal what is ready, and open ourselves back to our hearts, finding the love where we have withheld from ourselves and others. There will be meditation, guided process and one on one processing.
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The dreams of the heart are present in you, of you, and around you.
The loving source breaths you, and generates you, co-creating as one.

It is here now, one with you, one in you. Your dreams are already available.
Be fearless in your love and you will be on your path. It is not a pie in the sky, the sky is you and more.

Dream in love and create in love , there will be harmony in the flow of your life. Even when there are bumps you will glide over, around, or under these, knowing the way through your loving focus. 
Open your eyes to all of you and the universe, it is never ending and flowing towards loving, grace filled possibilities. 
You are the Dream.  CM.

We are here to play in the illusion. 

There are many ways to do this and stay entertained, yet we may become overwhelmed in the material world, believing it is what makes us happy and whole. We might even believe we need to protect our life, constantly standing in the way of flow and sharing by keeping the old habits beliefs, fears, judgment protected. 

When we realize none of these things are completing us, keeping us safe and loved, we may feel alone confused and betrayed. 

What we are seeking is love, what we are is love, be loving  to your fears and vulnerabilities, allowing your true powerful, gentle loving self to entertain in its authentic way. You will find the quite of your heart in the loving is tremendous, overflowing with the fullness you have been looking for.

You can relax in this overflow, in this Divine love. Be willing, and you will be met in this bliss of love. Let go of the protection and receive through sharing and loving. You are whole already. There is nothing to fear, it will be as it is, So be what you are, the Love. CM