Monthly Archives: May 2015

We are Love

images-12Healing is loving. this is not a new understanding, although we have new understandings and knowings as we learn how we have been withholding the love from ourselves and others. There is a saying, your problems, resistance, illness, sense of lack, separateness , hurt, anger and more are all “Angels at the gate”, signaling you to look where you have a place blocking your flow of health, wealth, and happiness. This health, wealth and happiness is an inner Heaven. This is your soul self calling you home to God, it is always there.  You can allow the negativity to release through your  loving willingness to look and be in the vulnerability of your humanness.  When you bring your love to the story, the negative patterns, this creates a momentum to lift in understanding to yourself and all involved. Opening the invitation to spirit through the love allows the healing, or alchemy of your cells and more to come home to their heavenly state of Love. Balanced , singing love. you are love, all of you. You are the answer to the question you keep asking. You are seeking yourself which is love, the Divine Essence of God. Where Love is not singing in you consciously or unconsciously, is where the answer of awakening is calling you.There is no wrong only discovery. Enjoy the journey, be the love, sing your song, it fills your every breath into every cells. ” God is breathing you.”  J.R. You are the love song of God. Be the love and you will know the peace. C.M.

Joyful Transformational Retreat Completed

Basic self moment. Finishing Retreat with beautiful joyful group. Thank you to all that came and shared your path with willingness to open to more. so Grateful .IMG_2345 IMG_1336