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Christ Mider will guide us through inner exploration with spirit. There are paths to be opened in the presence of the light that give us the connection to our inner master.
This connection allows us to know ourselves as conduits of God creating a loving world. Our willingness to expand with the light that we
are one with , allows our presence of light to touch all we encounter . This can lift our personal life and the collective that we are all affecting as co-creators. 
Come with an open heart and mind, where there are blocks you will find light and freedom. The love we all are seeking is here within us connected to God the loving source we are one with. 
We are love, let’s journey deeper into this – bringing it forward as our true reality.  Lifting our awareness to the joyful, loving being and life we are. 
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Denise Zaverdas will bring a unique blend of Yoga disciplines to support the transition between sitting with the light in process into movement with the light in process.  Incorporating the practies of Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, each session will take shape based on our co-creation and energetic needs. This liberating flow of yoga carries the same mindfulness thread throughout, guiding us to find the dynamic rhythm within sourcing light in each movement. Be open to the known and unknown of our bodies and loving.  
The intention of this retreat is to bring our expanded awareness of who we are as soul beings living in this body.
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Finding Heaven with the Inner Master Weekend Retreat
Friday • December 6th –  7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
Saturday • December 7th –  9:30 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday • December 8th –  10:00 am to 7:00pm
$550 plus food and lodging

retreat registration at Montecito Yoga • 805.845.1301 : 

We are excited to hold and house our retreat  at The Cottages in Carpinteria California
where we can all be together holding the light. This is a beautiful, playful cluster of bungalows 
located in the small town of  Carpinteria, California just a few miles south of Santa Barbara and few blocks from the beach.

The cottages are about sharing – we will do the best we can in giving you what you need.
Lisa Carey is the manager and will handle all your reservation needs.

Each cottage has a queen bed in the master bedroom, a full kitchen and one bathroom.
4 cottages sleep up to 4 people (1 queen & pullout couch downstairs • 2 singles upstairs attic)
1 cottage sleeps up to 5 people (1 queen  & pullout couch downstairs •  1 queen and 2 singles upstairs)
1 cottage sleeps up to 2 (queen bed and pullout couch)


All your food needs are within walking distance. 
Details are on the VRBO site:

The spirit is in everything. When we are willing to be in our spiritual heart, we are willing to expect the unexpected . 

We can receive these spiritual gifts from a point of view that is grace and loving or as a burden and wrong.

When we are learning how to create from love and receiving, it is not about control, it is about letting go , allowing and seeing with our heart eyes the abundant gifts. The growth in the challenge and grace in the unexpected.

This is not a demanding process, this is a letting go, a not knowing and willingness that allows us to see and receive when the gifts show up. they may not look like what you think you need or want. Learning to receive in gratitude opens the heart to more flow and more surprises. When we clutch to what we perceive to be what is right or wrong without opening our hearts to new experience that may not be in “our plan” we block the loving expansion and can miss the gifts at hand.

Be willing to not know and let go and you will know the divine is present without fear and restriction. Your heart will expand and you will be full without the want that keeps you looking through the illusion of control, missing the gifts when they are present.

Be free in your growth of love and you will be free. Be the love.

Heaven on Earth

Look at your own reflection, look into your loving eyes into the heart of God.

Receive yourself and give yourself to the love.

You are heaven on earth, be the heaven  ,be willing to be love and you will know God in your reflection. Love it all ,  the dark and the light become one in the love. It is all creation. 

Reflect the light from your heart and every cell. Heaven creating on earth.

WORKSHOP  Saturday ~ September 21st ~ 1:00 to 6:00 pm

Location ~Montecito Yoga

1187 Coast Village Rd , Ste 10c, Montecito Ca, 93108

Seeing Clearing, Sharing Clearly, Standing in the Truth.

This dimension is filled with reflections of our minds and projections. These are illusions we are building our lives and identifying ourselves with. None of this is our true selves, our soul self, it is all here for us to play and learn from.

When we are willing to know ourselves as loving powerful co-creators,we become aware of how our intentions and thoughts create our experience.

If we set something in motion from a half truth or manipulation , we are muddying the creation and will have challenges that seem unloving come forward. Creating from truth and clarity, standing in this without fear and loving intention allow flow. You will be met by the same intention you put out.

Remember you are looking through your own windows of memories and beliefs. When you fall into deception , hiding or hurt, these are only your stories and you will create more of this.

Clean your windows and look for the clear loving truthful path and your heart and dreams will be met with overflow. Do not dirty the view with your need to control , allow the light and love to flood though your fears and experience who you are.

Open your window and receive all that is and that you are in the loving light.

Join me along with a small group and we will explore and clear the blocks and illusions that are ready for loving , healing, and polishing with light. There will be meditation and sharing

Clean your windows of the negative illusion and you will see the path has no limitations in the loving. No beginning, no ending.  Only unconditional loving creation.


Registration :       Phone 805~845`1301

Tuition $125