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Sharing – Offering of Love


Happy Thursday.

Make this day an offering in love. Take a pause and see, think, be the beauty that is present in the moment. There is always a bounty of beauty, of Love, of simple sweetness present.

Look inside yourself and bring it forward in your heart in your awareness. When you share with another, this will be your offering and it is present in your presence by being present with yourself and others.

Be calm, be relaxed and keep it simple. Love is Breathing you, it does not need to scream or control, it is present in simple calm loving breath.

BE the Love sharing in your breath, Be present in this moment in Love. It is a simple act of kindness in yourself and with others.

Make this life an offering of love, Be present in Love.

In loving Service and Gratitude



Letting Go


When we let go of a position, opening to the unknown, we may find ourselves in a spin of Love, that presents places that are not smooth holding us from our freedom.

Lifting to another level of awareness of God – as our reference point, releases, reveals places where there have been Karmic prisons we have co-created. These can be how we refer to others as our source, This means somehow they hold keys to our life, giving us a place to fit in.  Teachers are present yet they are not our source. We may have given ourselves to family, money, drugs, clothing, and people in ways that made them our source. We felt it, we thought, we lived in their house, worked for them, learned from them married them even birthed them.

When we begin to awaken to the Bigger God, we may be presented with a challenge to choose inside ourselves, out of the small God, to the bigger as our source. It is never about another person, yet they will and can be the messenger that triggers a sense of powerlessness or negativity coming at us. That may well  be and it is present from many creations in our field and theirs. This is where we become the Spiritual Scientist, the Spiritual Warrior – letting go of past creations through Grace.

When we do this we will reveal the steps, choices that have held us prisoner, that we thought served us. We can go for the unlocking of these places through the light, forgiveness and stillness of love to all these places, including the messenger.

These may look different than what we or others perceive as obvious. We may be challenged to walk away from something we love and be open to that place of unknown to reveal Our God plan.

When we move into these choices from Love, not against anyone or anything but, from a place of this is present and I am free in this, we allow Grace to support the path to open to us. It will be open inside first. It takes honesty, to claim the misunderstandings that brought us to this place and allow the loving to reveal those places. From this place taking action will be tender and supported. Best not look to others to please or find our answer through their eyes. They may have reflections to share but, we must know our own hearts.

Discernment – The truth of our own Beingness.

This is an ongoing puzzle revealing itself in many scenarios. The question and answer is, Love. In stepping in that song, even if it looks a certain way to others, we will know the path is clear and it will show up for us. Do not rush, allowing the lifting to reveal as we let go, may have its own timing. So we continue to hold in the focus of love, no matter what we are moved to do or not do. It is Love.

Be present, breathe and allow. This is a spin of Love Lifting, awakening, in –  through all the cells of creation.

We are the Divine essence of God, Oneness.

Be-Loved … Beloved … Be-Love


The winds of love whisper the song of Light within. The hum of Love is a resonance  that vibrates a true essence of the Divine Light within. Singing out to the world as you walk through your day, being Love.

When you are open to the Light healing of love, there will be shift in your inner world that explains it all. There will be an inner peace, and inner knowing , that sets free the distractions and distress, bringing peace and harmony to those areas that hold onto to separation.

When the winds of Spirit open up in you, there will be no mistake too big or too small to Love. There will  only be Love for it all, as it has purpose.There is one way to the heart of God and that is love. When you choose Love within your inner world, you will be in good company. In this moment you will know the true you as Beloved. There is no separation, except in the mind and emotions that struggle with what is. You can never be separate from this good company of Love, of God, you only have to give up the illusion of control through separation, and you will be open to receive what you have been waiting for. It is present in your very breath. Relax, Be- Love, Be-Loved, Beloved.

Beloved ~ Be-Loved

Living Love Life Path


You are the Diamond in the rough.

Discerning what is truth and the choice or choices, steps or steps for your highest good. Loving Life, sharing and caring and more.

Process to check in and learn where are you getting your information.

Discerning the truth of your Beingness, What the mind knows, or the Heart representing the truth clearly? Which are you doing, how do you know the difference, or what does this even mean. Sit with this and explore inside.

Love is the answer, experience the love that is free in Spirit and this Heart will always bring clarity and grace, even when it may seem the opposite of what the mind says will serve you and others. There is always another expansion of upliftment that serves all, learning to discern the path, the choice can be challenging as we are expanding. Never assume or push, be present, patient, allow yourself to be open to all possibilities for the highest good. Things that challenge you allow greater refinement in your discernment, what are you listening to, what is motivating you? Is it Love?

This process will polish you and challenge you but, it is amazing if you will keep surrendering to this, knowing the outcome ultimately is love.

Surrender to the unknown in Love. Be patient for the clarity is present, the fog may need to clear through all the stories and resistance that has been holding you in one place. It is not a loud and obvious movement it is an inner awakening that may be uncomfortable, you will know things will be clear and free to move on. If you choose and you find it is not the way that is good information. Do not judge, punish yourself or others, just open yourself to the next page, there is always more.

Discernment…”Learning  to discern the truth of your being ness.” J.R.

In Loving Service



No Control


How do we let go and let God?

My experience of life keeps opportunities in constant flow. These days I can observe our government playing this control illusion if you look from altitude, you can see no one is in control. There is just a dance of push – pull. There is constant tension.

In my life these times come forward as pressure. Pressure to create. I also experience nothing happens when I am in the energy of pressure. Pressure has worry, doubt, and more in it. So I go to the source, Spirit, opening myself to this flow where I have blocked or keep looking outside myself to see or know the step or steps. These can show up in the physical but, it will be like a dance. When I open to the inspiration, I experience a release and up- liftment, a willingness to receive and give from a new place. This is a different experience every time.

The process of getting to the “let go let God” place can take patients, and Love. Love is key,. The willingness to know that Love is calling me in places that have not allowed the expansion of love to be present. This can challenge the ego and places that want to protect my limitations. These are Karma patterns and things I hold onto as who I am, what I feel is true in separation to God, forgetting the Divine within is doing me and all. There is magnificence in this and allows freedom in the Spiritual Heart that awakens me to Miracles. I am the Miracle and so is everyone.

I go inside and have to be honest in the discomfort of my negative creations. Loving them and forgiving all of it, which includes where I feel hopeless. Nothing is hopeless, as there is a place that will lift the hopelessness awakening the one who forgot who I am. I am Divine and God is my Source and God is Infinite Love, abundance in all ways. I just forgot in the moments of trials and tribulations. These forgetful places become less strong, less real, as I have built my foundation in Spirit – Love.  It does not mean I do not get caught in the experience but it does not take over. I am still building.

Spending time in the light work I share, opening myself to the Grace Field is the way I shift all of this and open to channels of God in co-creation. Meditation is key tuning to this connection allows the stream of awareness to stay open, building a foundation that strengthens this relationship to the Divine Lover I am and is Breathing me.

So remember we are not in control, we have choice.Choosing our loving focus and using all of our hurts, fears and more as opportunities to release the blocks the pressures that keep us from our inner freedom will bring us the Grace filled life. All difficulties are temporary. Be willing to open to the Grace through understanding and love. This is a process, first you accept yourself and what is happening then go inside in Love, find what comes up and bring forgiveness and love to those places that are in struggle.

We are one and we are the pebble in the pond. When we shift, this is a ripple affect. Even when we forget and move in upset it is easy to shift to love, no worries, love will prevail. It always does.

In Loving Service



Love Light


Be the Love  Light that you are and you radiate for all to share in the bounty that is present in and for all.

Open to give and receive in ease – this starts with taking care of yourself in Loving, connecting inward to Spirit to the Light and building this connection awake. In this you walk in relaxation and flow.

Our days are full of doing, remember to connect in the Heart all day, Breathe in the Love and Breathe out what is less than Love. This simple process will begin to move you back inside in Love and it becomes a Breath inward in Love and Breath out in Love. This will flow if you keep this going. It is a natural state of your being-ness so it will happen naturally. you will experience the shift and remember that all is well in Loving flow.

You do not control, you move in flow as you relax in this place of remembering. So let go and let God awaken as you breathe it breathes you.

Have a beautiful radiant day and continue to breathe and be the love.


Abundant Inspiration in Love


Join me in exploring, awakening and healing, opening the loving Life you have come here to experience.

When we take time to go within ourselves, we are agreeing to awaken ourselves to our loving inspiration. This allows us to expand within, letting go, clearing the patterns of our creations that have been keeping us in a life that is limited in its experience of creation possibilities. This is not about the outer changing first, it is an inside job. A loving job. Awaken to the Divine inspiration flow within and we experience ourselves and the life we are in as a journey of loving sharing, caring, and opportunity to let go of the limitations that come forward.

My work continues to expand as this is what happens for all us on this planet, even if many are not aware, it is happening. All will be involved because we are part of the collective creation.

Take time to become a positive co-creator through awakening and healing in the Grace field. Dancing with the flow and support of loving inspiration, lifting yourself lifts the whole. When you drop a pebble in the pond it ripples out. This is how we all work together.

I am here to serve in assisting, by holding in the Light, opening the door to places that you have not explored or allowed to awaken in love and expand your inner world, then expanding the outer in Love.

These are powerful times and full of opportunity. Celebrate this in your care for yourself, This will spill out in overflow, once you become attuned to your inner light, you will be  spilling over Light. Infinite Love – Light  Inspiration in flow. Releasing the places that were blocking the flow allows this to continue to expand.

In Loving Service.






I know that when we experience hurt, upset, and a sense of powerless- ness, we think and feel it is true.

My first step when this comes up, is to claim I am not a victim, I do this in loving to myself, I look at what is happening, what they have brought forward in me and in acceptance, that this place is the very place that is holding me in a sense of separation from me, the Beloved one of God. I am in an opportunity that I have co-created to expand in. To open to the freedom of Love that is awaiting me. I am also aware it can seem that somehow what someone else is feeling or doing has power over how I feel or even live. From the view of the body, feelings, and mind that reality seems real. That is the illusion. Through the Spiritual eyes we open in Love and can see where we have been co-creating this experience inside in our unconscious and is whispering in us and running in our lives.  Sometimes these are places we know but, just choose to deny. Denial does not make it go away, it just manifest in other ways.

If we are having challenges with someone or many, this is an opportunity to look at what is coming up in us as judgement, hurt, guilt, need, or want or maybe what we think we need to be. there are many variables in our creation in polarity beliefs. These are stories we carry around with us even if we are not aware of them. volumes of lifetimes of co-creations.

When we allow ourselves to know our own part in all and that we hold the answer to what is going on. The answer will come from allowing the honesty to come up with out fear, when I say honesty, it means look at what we have been thinking, feeling and resisting in honesty. Let it come forward with the loving as the focus. We must Love that part in a way that says I do that, I did that and it is okay and I am not that but, I do or did that. Whatever that is has information for me, has the key or keys to my healing freedom in Love. Grace is available when we are willing to step into Spirit, letting go of  fear of ourselves. Letting go of fear of being seen, opening to loving, not making these places we identify as bad us, hurt us or more, but the stepping stones to awaken to us -the Divine  Love that has been awaiting to be present in our aware living love.

The stories are there to awaken the Divine with-in us, in this world. When we start to let go, we have more love flow inside.  Not trying to control or resist what is coming up allows us alchemy in Grace, as we do this we may experience more ease, love, flow inspiration in ourselves and our relationships.

No need to fear our creations, be willing to open to Love through all our stumbling and we will soar in Lovelight flow. Igniting the Divine inspiration design in joy, love, health, wealth and happiness inside allows us that experience.

With-holing does not bring us the flow it shuts off flow. When we experience with-holding that is in us. So be the one who is opening within not waiting on others. Keep going and lift in inspiration of Love Divine.

In Loving Service



Holding The Light

colorful art clouds

The Beauty of creation is constant and infinite Lovelight.

These are amazing times, with all the changes that are calling us to be present and be available to the changes. Our tendency is to experience restriction in these challenges and opportunities.

The Alchemy is one that we carry within and as we move in this world it reflects in our way of handling, moving in the flow of our lives. This flow is one of light and love. We are learning to know this, to be available to this, in any situation that comes. The process may be slow or quick or both. One is not better than the other, all is perfect for our support. Building a foundation that is ever expanding in this loving light takes care, willingness and timing will be perfect.  It is never against us, always for us, we choose the color of our experience .

My work is here to assist in opening you to the light  the Love – Grace bringing ease, understanding and a more expanded awareness of your inner light, your Inner Divine inspiration that is Breathing you.

I am here to Hold the Light as you open to the light, you will experience what is awaiting you in the places that have been shut off, focused in hurt, fear, negativity and infinite nuances of  patterns, Karmic opportunities. These opportunities are awakening to the love that is always present, even when it seems it is not. This is a Grace filled Alchemy. Open your heart to your own Divine Breath and we will soar as we share in the Divine light. Let go and walk in the world shining your light and lighting the way.

Take time to support yourself, you are worth it.

For Light  appointments email: or call 415-606-4883


1) BY THE MINUTE SESSION –  Phone and Skype – @ $3.75 a  minute.


 *Phone – Skype or in Person. 

*Session time is  1 1/2 to 2 hours but, please always  allow 2 hours .

3. Single Session  $350 …Prepaid  

4.. SERIES of 3 SESSIONS – 1 1/2 to 2 hour @ $900…Prepaid. The series is a very powerful way to commit to yourself and spirit, allowing a clear path of loving transformation. I recommend this for those who are just starting the work or are in more challenging times. I recommend they be done no further apart than 2 weeks. They must be completed with – in 3 months then they expire.

5.. SERIES of 4 SESSIONS –  1 hour @ $700…Prepaid, This series designed to be done 4 weeks in a row, each 1 hour only . This is a way of continuing your Light support, I recommend first becoming familiar with your Light work via the longer sessions single or series before taking on this process. There are no rules here so, you decide. Love is the key to all of this. Vulnerable honesty… You must do these consecutively 4 weeks in a row, completed. This series is designed for phone or Skype.

*All Sessions are non refundable – non transferable and have a 3 month expiration date.*






I was writing freeform and exploring,. I stumbled into an awareness of a place that had been holding in survival and as I wrote that word, immediately THRIVE came out on the page. It did not only come out on the page it came out in my cells and my entire being knowing.

The willingness to keep exploring beyond the mind, is full of Grace opportunities. Yes I was writing but, I call in the light and do this with an intention of Spiritual assistance in giving up the things I am hiding and holding onto. This can take time and can be uncomfortable even boring at times. The thing is…I am worth it and so are you.

It is not about being perfect, it is about Love, these places that hold on, are in resistance to Love, to giving and receiving as equal THRIVING energies. One is not better than the other, one is not stronger than the other. It is only what we put on these things that we experience. Control is in all of this, feeling lost or out of control tends to push us. That is not bad news but, how we use this push will be the opportunity to give up the hiding, restrictions the control, in order to be inspired through – in Love Flow. If we are in a block experience , the answers will not come from running around looking  in the outside world to know. It is the very time to go in and explore ,to unlock the doors of resistance, fear, hurt, and more.

Remember, you are the key to all the doors. You are supported in the journey, open your Spiritual eyes, this is done by being willing to move towards love and going inside, beyond the mind chatter the emotions and physical, it is about the Heart. When we do this and it can take time and patients, with a focus of God or whatever you call it, we will begin to experience a lighter more expansive inspiration. There are no limits to what is available, so being open to go beyond what we know or see already is key. The unknown is full of Love, full of joy and infinite inspiration. We can move in this world in this flow.

This flow is ever expanding so, we will continue to find more opportunity to let go, let God falling in Love inspiration. There is no finally, we will always be moved to expand inner Love and in this we find the places of separation that lead us to the freedom letting   go in Grace moving into Peace in our lives, with ourselves and others. Then there is no sense of lack. Overflow in Love, inspiring all we are, do and share.

Use these places as gifts to unlock, unwrap and receive the Gift you are and that awaits. It is not a problem, it is Christmas.