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Spring Retreat – Wisdom of the Spiritual Heart – May 18th, 19th & 20th, 2018. Still Time to Register; The cottages are full but, we can assist you to find a place close if you need accommodations. We do have space in the Retreat for you. Love to have you.



The journey of the Spiritual Heart is a constant awakening in this Human experience.

 We are here playing in the field of illusion that we have participated in creating. Nothing that crosses our path can terminate the Spiritual Heart that we are and are of. We may not know this when we are in challenge times. These challenge times are the very things that gift us with a choice to awaken or separate once again.

Every day, every Breath we have an opportunity to reside, relax into our Spiritual Heart. When we are in our sense of separation in the many ways this can occur, we are called to be the love, the light alchemist to the part of us that is in distress. When we do this in Spirit we change the Inner Reality which spills into creation. We are one and we have the choice and power to awaken through the Spiritual Heart while here in this negative, magnetic reality. We are pulled to separation here and to be a powerful Lover we must open to the unconditional Love that resides in all things.

Join a small group of Loving Hearts and explore, awaken the Spirit with-in. Love is Breathing you. Let this awaken you in ways that you have yet to tap into.

Wisdom of the Heart will support and guide you in your day to day life. you must take the time and go with-in to know this, to awaken to this.

RETREAT – May 18th, 19th, & 20th – Spring RetreatWISDOM OF THE SPIRITUAL HEART, CARPINTERIA, CA.

Times: May 2017

Friday,  18th, 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Saturday: 19th, 9:30 am to 6:00pm

Sunday 20th, 9:30 am to 6:00pm

Tuition: Cottage Residential $550.00 – Non Cottage Residential $600.00

REGISTRATION FOR ALL OFFERING: email: or call: 415-606-4883.

RETREAT – Cottage reservation should be done as soon as possible, Below are details.

am once again excited to hold and house our retreat at The Cottages in Carpinteria California, where we can all be together holding the light.

Staying at the cottages for the weekend is encouraged but not a must. Residing at the cottages, allows you to step away from your day to day patterns, giving yourself completely over to the loving support offered in the retreat atmosphere. If you are unable to retreat at the cottages, you are still welcome to take part in this light filled weekend.

 This is a beautiful, playful cluster of bungalows located in the small town of Carpinteria, California, just a few miles south of Santa Barbara and few blocks from the beach.

Call property manager, Lisa Carey, for reservations at 805.680.6622 ~ Let her know you are part of the retreat.



Divinity Within – Peace in Being Love


To walk in our human-ness and be. What does that mean?

When we are in our present presence in Love awareness, there is peace and ease.

Every time we are pulled to focus out in a way that creates energy fields that keep us seeking what is in us, what we are, we feel the need to do from a place of looking for satiation. . This is the dance we do with ourselves, with the Beloved. We are always in and of the presence  as it is Breathing us. To know this, is an experience that knows the Bliss as we walk in this world of distractions.

This is a life to be lived, how we choose to focus is what we will be experiencing.

I have a challenge for you, every time you feel pulled to do something from a place of want, desire, or need, a sense of separation from your peace being center, take notice. Take a moment and pause, breathe in and focus on your heart, your loving. Breathe in the love and Breathe out the need or want or whatever is coming up. Repeat this until you are breathed in and out love. Giving and receiving are One. Become what already is by choosing you in the Beloved. To know the Beloved within is to know the Beloved in all.

Start with you, it is all happening inside you. You will no longer have a need to try and fill up with something from the outer, You only create more sense of separation and continue to chase yourself. The illusion is the distraction, to choose back within allows the Being in Love, less interference allows the Beingness, the knowing to continue to expand.

To know the light is to lighten the magnetic substance we have created. Love – Spirit will sing you as you are One. You will know this as you make yourself available to the Light you are.

Breathe and be Breathed, Love is the elixir, you are so bright can you handle it?



MEDITATION GATHERING – Comfort in Love and Light

Join us once a month to gather in meditation in Loving Light support. Gathering with others allows a group energy to expand, as we are all connected in the Divine Light.
Regenerate your inner balance, clearing and letting go through the comfort of Light Love attunement. Tuning to the Beloved with-in aligns the inner world which is the key to all experience.  The answers are with-in.
This is a loving beautiful way to create comfort in clearing what is holding in negativity, fear, hurt, worry and more. Take One Hour for realignment with-in, come with a willing heart to let go and receive. 
Take time for yourself each day, and go with-in, attune to the Loving you are, this is your song. You will sing through your day.
Donations appreciated.
Bring a Journal to write in after, in case you have an inspiration you want to remember.
CONTACT NUMBER:  415-606-4883