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Spring Break

We all take time to play and refresh, joyfully letting go in Love. If you are not doing this, I am suggesting you take a playful loving treat and let go in Love each day, even if it is for a moment in the bathroom. This can be anywhere, anytime.

Keeping in the Spirit of letting go, I am offering a Spring Break Package of 3 at a discounted play rate of $850. This must be purchased by April 3rd, 2023. The package allows you to space the sessions in a way that supports you while you build on each one to lift, let go in new ways. Each sessions creates a foundation for the next.

Happy Spring

To take advantage of this offering – Prepayment via Venmo – Christi – Mider $850 is requested, also email me that you are signing up.

I will send you a loving agreement for you to take time and set your intention for this loving break you are choosing.

In Loving Service


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Letting go …

Coming into peaceful flow can be as simple as relaxing and bringing love to the place or places inside that are in constriction, judgment, hardening of the heart to survive. No one else actually has the power. You have this loving in you. you have the power to choose. when you are choosing love it is not against anything, it allows you to be kind in you and take care of yourself, love does not mean you abandon yourself to others. It is an inside experience – frequency which includes peace, gratitude, understanding in a relaxed wholeness within. This is a powerful peace. A peaceful love.

When you find yourself pushing or pulling, pause, breathe in with love, to the place inside that is in need upset, anger, hurt, fear and separation. You will be aware of your retraction inside, shutting love off to yourself and blaming another. This is just your child inside that is still holding on to fear, hurt and judgment on yourself and others. Holding on to a memory a belief, that what happens or happened is still running you. This okay, as it is just a place inside that does not know love. Yes something may have hurt, but, it is not your God, it is a behavior or event that startled you into retraction, hurt, anger, and more. Holding on to these things keep you in separation from yourself. you are the Love you seek.

Take a moment, close your eyes, softly breathe in and allow the loving focus frequency to flow in you, allow it to touch the knot – not love place. Relax again and again, breathe in the love flow, let it sing to the knot – not love place or places, relax again and again, breathe in the love – let it flow more into the negative thoughts, let go to love. Breathe in the love , relax, let go to love. Let go relax allow the sweetness you seek to be present in you in the Beloved flow of Love light that is breathing you. allow yourself to breathe in this love flow- let go in peace in love. You are Beloved.

This is an opportunity to choose love. All people have these places and it is all perfect how these things are revealed inside to heal. All experiences are an opportunity to grow in Love- awake yourself to the love you are inside. It is your choice. Beloved- You Are Love – to choose Love is a powerful and honest process. To look at yourself and bring the loving to these places who want to hold on to blame and hurt and see the gift of the jail you have been holding on to. Be free in Love and Peace. Take the time to be present and move into the Light by letting go in kindness and love to you. forgive yourself for judging yourself and withholding love. Be kind, love the one who is withholding love. This one is confused and believes others are your source. You are Beloved. You are the key to unlocking these prisons. you are love…not because of others , it just IS.




What Is Present?

When we come present we find ourselves in a quandary of multi dimensional thoughts, feelings, experiences in the body and more. How do we come congruent inside with all these pulls?

Acceptance is a state of being present without a need for anything to be different. Even if it seems bumpy, we can observe and even be in our loving as things toss and turn. While we become present with this acceptance and neutral love focus, we may find things come clearer and clearer. We may find ourselves lifted and observing from a higher perspective with loving understanding.

There are places that will push and pull in should, want, fear, and control just allow and love them, it comes into greater attunment with grace flow as we let go in being present in Love. from this place we may also receive inspiration in clarity of creative opportunities that are available to manifest in the world, but, it is in flow, overflow and in directive of Love. This is an inspiration of grace, follow the Love. Not romantic but, expanded in flow, no need, more in joyful freedom.

I invite you to play in this with yourself everyday, check and see if you are present with yourself throughout the day. If you find you are pulled and chasing your day or situations, take time to come back inside and be present. Let all the pulls and pushes dissolve in this loving space, rising up and clarifying in Love.

You are the key to all of your life experiences , you choose from within what expectations you put out and how you forget it is all you. Acceptance to what is, – allows a greater freedom to live in flow, not tethered to others doing or not doing. Open to loving surprises from within you and your greater loving.

As the Song says Let It Go..I am smiling as I write that. The sweetness of the child within sings life.

Enjoy you, be present in you, you are Beloved.

Feel free to share you experiences of being present as you step into this more.

In Loving Service