Monthly Archives: November 2013

The loving light you seek burns inside you, brining your suffering and pain into the lightning of love. Balancing the losses and wins as equal and neutral expanding experiences, bringing understanding to both.

The power of love is the nourishing force that ignites the beloved within and is the source of life that breathes you. Be in gratitude with what is happening in the moment and you will experience the essence of love riding the bliss of the divine heart in every breath.

Go within and dance with the beloved you are and are of, flowing on strength of the the unknown , known steps . This force of love will gently propel you on your path with grace and purpose. You will know and surrender.

Relax and let the breath of the beloved guide you.



We have 2 shared lodging, spaces left in the “Finding Heaven with the Inner Master” retreat in Carpinteria, coming up next week on Dec. 6, 7, & 8. For details scroll down on home page to see the flyer .