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You Belong in Love #2 Expansion – Workshop – July 28th – 4:00pm to 8:00pm Pacific time – Online and In Person

There is a time and place where we become settled in Love even in the unsettled. We can choose to live in love inside, even when we are challenged with all the turmoil we may experience in our lives and our world. I know we all get pulled in fear, judgment and more.

These are times of constant opportunity to strengthen the Inner Home of Love. When we are in this place we know we belong, there is nothing missing.

Join me in exploring the places that may feel separate from or outside of Love. We will walk through this time together in a sacred space of Peace and Love allowing Grace to touch into that unsettles place or places. Bringing comfort through and with Spiritual Assistance in the most ordinary beautiful way . You will attune is sweetness and love and allow the healing balm of love to assist and uplift. Each upliftment builds on the next rippling in out -, creating a foundation of love flow expanding. You find it easier and easier to remember what you are … you are Beloved always, no matter what. You also are able to see all things through those eyes and be at peace in Love as things are in process. We all are seeking love and it is in US. This is where we will find our true Home, Awake to the Beloved. We are ONE LOVE of God Flow…

Registration – email – or text 415-606-4883

Tuition. – $150 Please Prepayment may be made via Venmo – Zellie or pay Pal

In Loving


Private Session Opportunities:

Single 1 1/2 to 2 hour session $350

Package of 3 Series to be done within 3 months or less – less recommended – $900

Love Inspired Life – Work

I am always exploring my motivation when I am taking on a project, or simply moving in my life.

I want to keep this simple… My awareness is no matter what I am are doing – digging ditches or painting a room or sharing in a conversation with another, where I am coming from inside creates the experience of that action I am creating.

Everything comes from God inspiration, what level we are connecting to inside, if we are at all connecting in awareness from the inner, determines the ease and grace of our experience.

I have a Love Inspiration, to share with you.

Take a moment and note where you are coming from as you wash your dishes or do whatever you do throughout your day. Are you trying to be good, to please others or control others, feeling controlled or controlling etc. or are you relaxed allowing the Loving in you to come in and listening in kindness – gratitude to what is present? Keeping the intention of a God inspired day, allows sweetness and joy in all task. You may experience making a bed as sharing love with whomever may sleep there, including you.

I had a God Flow project I was holding for, it was in flow, there was some fear and other things brought forward by another. I realized, I became out of alignment with this bump, I chose to work with that part in loving, clearing what came present, taking a step away from what I was doing, so I can get more altitude, allowing the flow to come in as it will direct me. Nothing is easy when you put your willfulness on it. When you let go Let God, go step by step, and trust in the process, you will be met, even if there are meanderings. All meanderings are on purpose. Keeping your eye on Love Inspiration , allowing the unknown to manifest with intention, taking the step or steps as they come creates a beautiful loving play creative life -work. Even if you are redirected it is on purpose.

Check what you are being motivated by…inside you.

Trusting in the process is a very powerful tool inside, trust in yourself and change , attuning in love to the Beloved and walking in this flow is so beautiful fun and inspiring.

BE LOVE INSPIRED IN YOUR LIFE. WHEN YOU FEEL PULLED OFF PAUSE AND USE IT TO CLEAR AND OPEN TO MORE. Take a moment by moment check in and see if you are still in you loving and relaxed…if not Breathe in the love and Let go, keep doing this until you are present once again. You are Beloved.




Sweetness of Healing

Heal your story of separation in loving sweetness.

We come here to lift and heal the places that forgot we are Divine love. It can be a challenge to be present in love, coming together from the heart where there is pressure and disturbance. We can be moved to survival, forgetting to pause, take care of ourselves even on the run.

We all carry stories from our life experiences that we hold onto as truth, we may not know we are holding onto these beliefs or stories. They are tucked away in a frequency of existing in this way. Giving signals to the creation that this truth is present so we experience more of it. Bringing it to us over and over.

Take time to open your book of life and allow the stories that running you in separation to surface, do this with a loving intention, and intention to heal in love, forgiving in love the places that are still angry, hurt, want to control or feel unworthy. This process is an amazing awakening if you are willing to invite your connection in you to the Divine Loving flow, to be leading you as you open these doors to healing.

The sweetness of healing Love is tender and expanding . There is a freedom that comes present within, and the things that used to seem to have control over you are no longer disturbing you. They may be present in the world still but, your inner world has a knowing love is present, you are loved, you are love and there is more to come.

Take time to take care of you – you are the Key to your loving sweet healing. No one does it for you, they can assist you in unpacking your story and hold in loving attunement as you find your way. Attuning in Loving Spiritual Light – is key to Grace.

This day walk in Love, Breath in love notice the places that are shutting down, pause and just love yourself.. Be love and forgive in loving those places that struggle and believe that they are less or separate or more. Make it simple, Breathe in Love and Breathe out letting go – Continue to do this until it is all love .

Have a sweet Love filled day – Each Day, Even when it seem like there is only challenge present, there is loving present. Breathe .. you are Love….

Summer Love – Times Are Changing – Light Session or Sessions Refresh…

A Foundation of Love

My Mission is Love – I am here to assist others awaken the places that have forgotten Love is present and the inspiration that is them in Divine Flow.

When we awaken in Love – we take that out in the world, in our families, to work to play. It is like being a pebble dropped in a pond, the ripple of Love of Light goes out and out and out, beyond our perception of mind and emotions, touching as sound – Light – Love, releasing the places that are restricted in negativity, opening to new possibilities.  Love Light is in all of us, to know what that is, is an experience beyond words. The Divine.

We are the key to all of this..My work is attuned in Spirit, I serve in Loving service  to the Spirit of All.

 Sessions can  run 1 1/2 to 2 hours – typically they run. 1 1/2 hours or less but, can run over to 2 hours max. These are not guaranteed  2  hour sessions. What is needed will be present. ( If you are doing by the minute or a package of 1 hour sessions this does not apply.)


 Your Foundation  is Love

When things become stirred  up in  your life, these are  the opportunities of transformation calling you to freedom. Learning to be aligned  in Love as life challenges you is the answer and process. . There is always more Love pushing through if you will make yourself available. This Love is your natural state of Being – Awaken to the Divine presence that is present. You are One.

You are a multi-dimensional Divine being, exploring yourself in a human expression. You hold the answers you are seeking that will unlock your inner freedom.  This is an ongoing journey of opportunity each day, each breath. Freedom within is the place it all takes place.

Freedom from your beliefs, the illusion that limit you and keep you stuck in patterns that do not serve you anymore. These patterns also keep you in a sense of separation from the Divine Love you are.

With the help of Spirit, We can track and free these patterns of old. Some may have been brought in from past life experiences and others from this life time,  your family DNA and the collective Karma. 

Through this process, you will access the blocks that are present, clear them with the light. Opening the doors to more loving possibilities in your life.  Opening the Essence of the Divine awareness that you are and are of.

You are the key that holds the map of karma you have laid out for yourself in this lifetime. When you open to the Grace, you will begin to know your true self, the Beloved,  as you awakens in the Light, breaking through the illusions that keep you distracted in negativity.

This work brings relief – transformation  – emotionally,  mentally, physically and spiritually, bringing you closer to the truth in loving, the Beloved, and opening you up for more grace in your  inner and outer life. It is all within.

Please Note: I am on  Pacific Time.

If you are in another time zone you will need to calculate. I am flexible when I can be. In Loving Service.

My Appointments times are as below : These times can be flexible when it aligns, so please ask if needed..  

11:00 am Pacific Time

2:00pm Pacific Time

4:00pm Pacific Time

6:00pm Pacific Time 

  For appointments email: 


Sessions can  run 1 1/2 to 2 hours – typically they run. 1 1/2 hours or less but, can run over to 2 hours max. These are not guaranteed  2  hour sessions. What is needed will be present. ( If you are doing by the minute or a package of 1 hour sessions this does not apply.)

PrePayment -when booking session is required. Venmo – Zelle preferred 


1. Single Session  $350 …Prepaid  

2. SERIES of 3 SESSIONS – 1 1/2 to 2 hour @ $900…Prepaid. The series is a very powerful way to commit to yourself and spirit, allowing a clear path of loving transformation. I recommend this for those who are just starting the work or are in more challenging times. I recommend they be done no further apart than 2 weeks. They must be completed with – in 3 months then they expire.

3.. BY THE MINUTE –  Phone and  Zoom sessions.  – @ $3.75 a  minute.

4.  Retreat and Workshop offerings are an amazing way to gather in the Light, opening to the expansion in meditation and sharing. Where two or more gather we are expanded. Sharing can be a powerful vulnerable liberating experience. Stepping into your Inner Master is a journey of Love. ***

You are the Light…Choose yourself in clear, clean Light choices of love, health, wealth and happiness. Nothing has more power than your Light, be willing to let go of the things that keep you unaware and choose to live in the power of your Light and Love. It is all up to you.


When scheduling and  booking a travel appointment,  ( Christi is traveling to your town) A credit card, check  or Venmo  will be required  for prepayment to hold your session your session.  A 3% charge will be added to all charge payments.

My  cancelation policy is 1 week  notice prior, to scheduled appointment or  if it is a short notice booking it is confirmed.

I am grateful to be part of the journey we are all on. Support and exchange of loving is what we do and I am honored to be part of this.

We are one.

Love and  Light

Phone : 415-606-4883

**** All sessions expire after 4 months. All sessions are non – refundable and non – transferable to another person or event.****

I am Located in a small town just a few minutes south of Santa Barbara called Carpinteria. I see people privately in Carpinteria and offer workshops at Montecito Yoga and other locations.  I travel to San Francisco, Sun Valley, Idaho, and New York, New York.

There is no beginning or end. Breathe in the fragrance of your creation, being open to the rich essence of love in all.

It is our creation that allows the beauty of our life to reflect to us. Trust the dark crevices to present the sweetness hidden in the growth. These are the places you will find your truth. CM

Love and Light to our journey here together.


Testimonials :

Healing with Christi is life changing.

If there is part of you wanting to let go and truly be free, I highly recommend working with Christi.In three and a half years of working together, I’ve experienced incredible life changes. I’ve healed from chronic Lyme Disease and the belief that perpetuated my illness. My marriage came apart and resurrected anew. While my marriage is a daily practice, kindness, respect, and acceptance fill it more and more. My career vision came true down to each detail. And, wonderfully, I’m now healthfully pregnant with my husband’s and my first child.

More than these changes though, what is truly incredible, is the change within my internal state. I know now, deeply, that I am loved. That I am the savior I had searched for for 15 years. That I am being taken care of, irrespective of what my circumstances look like.With this knowing, there is a sense of peace. Even in harry, challenging times, there is an understanding somewhere inside that the challenges will pass and show me a new way to grow. During these times, when I stop resisting, the sense of peace returns.

In terms of what it looks like to work with Christi, Christi offers a clear channel of healing. Before working with her, I had seen tens of healers, psychics, astrologers, coaches, and spiritual teachers, and had participated in 15 years of five types of therapy. Working with Christi is different. She connects with the divine love and wisdom within you and translates it for you. It’s amazing.C.C. San Francisco

Christi meets each of us with an unending well of compassion and love. I feel utterly held in the light and the safety of unconditional loving through her work and in her presence.  I deeply appreciate her clarity and willingness to pause and listen, even when I want to skip ahead.  She lives by example… truly being guided by spirit, and demonstrates this with every breath.The weekend retreats, in particular, have offered me an opportunity to sit in awareness of the light, without the pull of outer worldly distractions and separation. These glimpses into Presence seem to be slowly stringing together to show me that it is possible to live without the seams of separation, and the group process shows me that I am not alone on this journey.I am constantly amazed at Christi’s ability to be open to the love that is always present and share her own process, so that I can learn to love my own human-ness, and be open to not knowing. As I journey on this path of awakening, of remembering myself as the beloved of the beloved, I am eternally grateful for Christi’s skilled guidance, loving facilitation, and her consistent, persistent and impeccable reminders that joy is present, and love is always the answer. Thank you, Christi.D.Z. Santa Barbara,California

I have worked with Christi for almost nine years. As I look back at where I started and the changes that Christi has assisted me through, I cannot help but be so extremely thankful that the universe brought us together. I used to live a life of fear and surface. I literally skated through each day like that. I kept my personal can of worms so deeply hidden that I almost had myself convinced it didn’t exist. The thought of addressing my “problems” which I now see as beliefs were more scary in thought then actuality. I began seeing Christi a few times a year which had a great impact on my life. After a few years I started packages. I saw deeply profound changes as a result of those packages. I always consider healing work for myself like an onion – you keep peeling the layers. They keep going. Having made the commitment to myself to do more consistent change allowed the loving to come in deeply. Loving myself, loving my “issues”, loving my beliefs and even loving my circumstances.  Christi’s work has allowed me to be more honest with myself and most importantly, more loving. That is the gift in everything and the journey of the soul. There is such joy and love available and It is so much more powerful than fear. But I am so thankful for that fear – It was my beacon to find the loving and with Christi as my guide my life is forever changed.

Danielle P.   San Francisco

I have sought out healing work with Christi on numerous occasions. I go to her when I need help breaking through major emotional and mental barriers that are preventing me from loving myself more fully. I’ve done work with psychologists and other intuitive and spiritual healers, but Christi’s work is unique in its power and effectiveness in bringing about immediate and lasting transformation. One of the many things I love about going to Christi is that I can relax and be myself (the good, bad, and ugly) and she is strong enough to hold whatever appears. She is a powerful channel of God’s love and healing presence and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to become more loving of themselves, others, and God.

Stelli Munis.   Austin, Tx

Christi has useable knowledgeable in helping others deal with difficult people. She has helped me build a closer relationship with my family members, but it is necessary to be open and expansive to her methods. I highly recommend her.

Paula Pagano.     San Francisco

I  have had the honor of working with Christi on several occasions both in phone and in person.  Each time she was my wise, loving, and gentle guide taking me on an adventure deep within myself.  The experience was one of meeting and then taking apart long held belief structures that no longer served me. Each was a quite profound experience to really see and understand why they were there, and then release and let them go.  Christi always had great humor and gentleness around them – her lightness and joy were like the salve to help heal those old wounds and emotions that get locked inside.  After a session, I was able to see more clearly how these had held me back and was shocked to see the change in how even others responded to me afterward.  It was as if she had somehow worked on them too so that they showed up more loving and open.  

There were a few beliefs that I was quite attached to, and she helped me see how limiting these were and how that manifested in my current experience.  Her commitment to wholeness, healing and seeing the beauty and completeness in who we are already is a rarity.  She doesn’t try to “fix” you or remove darkness, but instead can show you the immense light that you are already but perhaps haven’t yet fully come to comprehend or embody.  She brings her full being each time and is so committed to creating an experience of deep insight, awakening and profound love.  She is an amazing gift and am lucky to have had her in my life.

I send you much love and gratitude!

Elizabeth Cooke  New York 

An experience with Christi is indescribable.  She helped me find my way through one of the my toughest times continues to guide me on my own path to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Stephanie  Carlson.  Sun Valley