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Grateful Heart…

Simple shifts can be made in the heart when we move to gratitude. This is not new information, but, it is nice to refresh with reminders. Be grateful to yourself for what ever comes forward, this includes your willingness to keep going, bring optimism to the gratitude .

Notice how things begin to loosen inside when you move your focus to what is abundant in you and around you. Simple abundance is in every nook and cranny. You do not have to look far, to quote J..R. ‘ BE grateful for your breath.”

Calm, relax, go inside and say thank you to every cell, every heartbeat, every thought every part of you, thank you God we are One Love…

You will find your energy to be present, you becomes more available, as you are not in a pulling to fix or do but allowing. Acceptance begins to surface and things begin to open inside in a flow. Through this window you perceive or see more possibilities for all.

Give and Receive in this flow of gratitude, it is even and flowing. It does not need as all is abundant in the moment. You are Beloved. Be Love in gratitude.

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In Loving Service


Pop Up Workshop Online – Sunday January 23rd, 2022- 6:00pm to 9:00pm Pacific Time ( In addition: if you are in a hardship for tuition, I will work it out with you, email me.)

I am inspired to offer a last minute gathering for those who might like to refresh in the Light with meditation and sharing anything that may need support or that will support others. When we share from our hearts, what may need support is a gift to all. We all receive the loving, when we hold for another, we usually relate in some way.So as we ask for support we are receiving and giving. We are always in the Flow of Love if we choose to be open.

To Register: email:

Tuition: $100 payment may be made via Venmo , Zellie or Paypal

If you are challenged for Tuition please email me, you are welcome and I will work it out with you. There is a place for you.

In Loving Service


Gravity – Lovelight

I was taking walk last night, I was in a sweet place – Light – I walked into an area where the activity was a different level of focus, and it was gravity. I was observing my reaction.

We all tend to focus on what is wrong, I can fall into that too, I have noticed in these past few years it seems to be pretty easy to be in retraction for most people . There is more of a sense of powerlessness, with the challenges that we have all been part of but, we have the power inside to lift, and open to comfort and love.

I started to have a dance of refocusing and attuning in the Lovinglight, it was a process but, I started to laugh when I had the image of Will E Coyote in one of his falls, in the game he and the roadrunner played. ( It is a cartoon called Roadrunner, it is old, if you do not know what it is, you can YouTube it probably. )

I am sharing this to offer upliftnent from focusing in the heavy belly – mind body, to Heart- Light belly, mind body. Take time, even for a moment all day to see where your focus is and if you drop, just be willing to remember it is temporary and you have the power to bring yourself into your Spiritual Heart, Breathing and being breathed by God’s love. Focusing in God in breath and Love out breath, letting go of the downness. Do this , take your super power of love as your lead. God love is infinite, it is key, you can call it what you want and it is infinite love. you are of this flow. You are one Love. Allow this flow of love light to lead…

You are the Beloved, go for the Lovelight. Be the love Superpower you are, little by little and sometimes it just is in a beautiful flow of ease and grace. Be love already as it already IS.

In Loving Service


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Let Go of Defense – Let Love

Be present – relax…

Allow the loving wave in a gentle moment to seep in. Little by little. You are loved, you are worthy, you are love.

Breathe in the sweetness of the perfume of Spirit -Love, let it begin to refresh, permeate the negative, the fear, the judgments, see through Loving Light eyes as you let go, Love is present in all.

Breathe in Breathe out let go of control through fear, anger, hurt, and confusion. allow the sweetness of trusting love to come present, nurture those places that keep telling you that you are separate from love. You Belong, We all belong, we are all God’s children. Let go – Let God.

Breathe in and Breathe out…relax…listen to love…open you heart, open your whole body to relax, let go of defense, allow the sweetness of love to awaken in every cell. You are love – you are Loved.

Be present in love in every breath, it is up to you. No one else can do this for you. You are a Loving Power, You choose and you allow…Be the love presence you are inside and overflow in relaxation.

In Loving Service


January 11th, 2022 – New Year Gathering of The Heart Workshop – 6pm – 9:30pm Pacific Time (ending time may go over) – Online – There is a Loving Flow wherever are we connect in the Light.

Lead with Love

Open doors are always present. Be open to your own inner flow of love and allow this flow to lead your life. The New Year always feels like new opportunity. Each day and each breath brings new opportunity.

Join me and a small group to explore this process of your inner doors of love and light opening more as the lead in your creativity.

Creativity is in every aspect of your life, and it all flows through you, expanding in new ways as you expand in your own center connection in Spirit.

Bring your Journal and a willing heart. Willing to let go, explore and listen within. More inner play, more inner clearing and loving. See what may come forward.

Register by emailing –

Tuition $ 150

Payment can be made via Venmo, Zellie or PayPal.

Happy Loving New Year and Always…