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Giving and Receiving in the Flow of Light


Opening in the generosity of the Heart is awakening to the infinite Love that is Breathing all. Infused in the Light is all creation, all creation is fused in Light. The Beloved is the Source.

When we give with an open heart knowing whatever the outcome is will be perfect, we are in the Divine Light flow. When we give in demand we are in the Karmic flow. Control is one of our favorite things we do in this Karmic flow.

To open to the Divine within we are challenged to let go in Love and allow all to expand in the light. We may not understand what one person is doing, and if we have judgement, it is our opportunity to open to the healing inside and release the block of control. This opens us to the Divine Flow we are of and are.

With – holding is not in flow.. We must shut our hearts off to ourselves when we with – hold. Once again this is an opportunity to see where we are trying to control. When we notice others in with-holding and judge this we again need to look inside. We are calling this forward for our own benefit of reflection. It is all us. How we respond inside is where the gifts lie. We are in a sense of lack when we with-hold and judge.  We are judging ourselves. There is opportunity standing in that judgment and with-holding. Why are you with-holding to yourself?  It is not about the other person doing what you want. It is time to choose what is uplifting in flow. We let go of the situations that call us into separation, choose into the Loving and we are in flow. We can free ourselves and others by choosing to leave the negative behind. Live in and share with those who are lifting in Love. This is not an against choice, it is just a choice.

If we are assisting others we must be free inside. Allowing the support of the Beloved to guide us, support us and handle what others need. We can show up, offer what our gifts bring and let go. In this we are free in flow of Light. This is allowing the Beloved to be present in our presence. These offerings are free in the Blessing of love. More happens than meets the eye, when we allow ourselves to share from the Infinite Heart of God we are of.

Expanding is freedom in the Heart.

Be Love – Allow Love – Open to the Love that is present in the Presence. Giving and Receiving are one Love, all are Lifted. Let Go…



Living Loving Gratitude


Walk this day, this life in this Bounty of Beauty you are and are of – Loving Flow in Gratitude is present.

MY heart sings and sends a light filling Thank You to all that fall on my path, seen or unseen. We are one Beauty of Love. The Light is always shining through all of us. This Journey of Light is full and I am grateful.

So wishing you a bounty of love in Gratitude in this day and on going, it is infinite now.

Much Love and Gratitude






We are moving through our lives in constant opportunity. 
Join me in a half day workshop that is inspired with Light. Begin the process of shedding this year and open to the Light Inspiration that is present and calls you from within . This Inspiration propels you in your life. Do you have access to this? It is different than listening to the chatter of the world.
Go within, and know Inspiration of the Divine. We will move into meditation and inspiration including releasing processes. Explore letting go and opening to what is present in opportunity. It is all opportunity.
SPECIAL GIFT – I invite you to include a private session. Workshop and private session commitment. If you choose to go deeper, I am offering a private session at a special rate, $300.00 in addition. This must be used within 1 to 2 weeks of the workshop. Prepaid. 
This can be a very supportive combination. 
To register Please email: or call 415-606-4883.



Strong Gratitude…

The Inner Love moves in Gratitude. It flows hand in hand. Flow of Giving and Receiving within is seamless. We are One. The Beloved within is present. There is no need to go out to know you are Whole Fully in Flow.

It is peaceful and expresses in the Breath, in and out.

Take a moment and be grateful for your Breath, for you. For what is right here, right now. Receive in this moment the Beloved Breath of the Divine you are.

You are all of what you seek. When you share in this place of Strong Gratitude – again you  are in the flow of all is.  Love, all is present.

When you forget this, and seek your abundance on the outer to tell you that you are loved, successful and more, you will experience a sense of always looking, trying, and some sort of lack.

So in this moment in this next Breath, put your hand on your heart and say thank you to the Beloved. You are ONE.always Present in Strong Gratitude Love.

Happy Giving and Receiving. Now Breath.

2017 & 2018 Workshop and Retreat Opportunities – Awakening Your Light Inspiration – Polish the Inner & Glow in Your Light – Open the Doors of Wisdom thru the Inner Passage of Love.

Going Into the Heart of Challenge


We take time to polish our outer beauty, forgetting the Light that is shining from within is our source of Beauty. We tend to forget to take care of our inner world only focusing on the outer reality, which is the illusion. To glow from the inner is to know the infinite Flow of Light is from within and is our source. Caring for the unseen world that is actually running you in your life, allows the release of patterns, beliefs and more that keep you in a sense of separation, lack and more. Open the Inner Doors of Wisdom of Light of  Love, awakening  your glow from within and the Outer is Ignited. You are the Beloved, this is your Beauty. You only need to look within, to the light, and allow the transformation to show you the way in Love. Take time to polish your inner Beauty, bring it forward and create a life of inspiration from within. Infinite Love is Now.

WORKSHOP – November 26th –  AWAKENING TO YOUR LIGHT INSPIRATION – 1:00pm – 5:00pm, Carpinteria, Ca. Tuition $150.00

WORKSHOP – January 1st, 2018 –  New Years Day, POLISH THE INNER & GLOW IN YOUR LIGHT – 1:00pm – 5:00pm, Carpinteria, Ca. Tuition $150.00

RETREAT – May 18th, 19th, & 20th – Spring Retreat – OPEN THE DOORS OF WISDOM THRU THE INNER PASSAGE OF LOVE, Carpinteria Ca.

Times: May 2017

Friday,  18th, 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Saturday 19th, 9:30 am to 6:00pm

Sunday 20th, 9:30 am to 6:00pm

Tuition: Cottage Residential $550.00 – Non Cottage Residential $600.00

REGISTRATION FOR ALL OFFERING: email: or call: 415-606-4883.

RETREAT – Cottage reservation should be done as soon as possible, Below are details.

am once again excited to hold and house our retreat at The Cottages in Carpinteria California, where we can all be together holding the light.

Staying at the cottages for the weekend is encouraged but not a must. Residing at the cottages, allows you to step away from your day to day patterns, giving yourself completely over to the loving support offered in the retreat atmosphere. If you are unable to retreat at the cottages, you are still welcome to take part in this light filled weekend.

 This is a beautiful, playful cluster of bungalows located in the small town of Carpinteria, California, just a few miles south of Santa Barbara and few blocks from the beach.

Call property manager, Lisa Carey, for reservations at 805.680.6622 ~ Let her know you are part of the retreat.



Bay Area Extended Dates Light Session Opportunity – November 9th through 11th, 2017


More Opportunity – I am extending my dates here in the Bay Area. November 9th – 11th.

There is always more Loving Light opportunity for  all of us within. The places inside that are challenged by the world or more, are only calling you to let go and lift in the Love, Polishing the places that you may not be aware of will open you up to the Beloved you are. Life Lifts. When we heal we lift in Light and this touches the world. We are the key to all of this.

To schedule a session: email or call 415-606-4883

in love and Gratitude

Gratitude – Little Correction -Enjoy from the Heart.


I want to send a message of Gratitude to, those who have shared in vulnerability giving the Light the lead in your lives, also those who hold tight to the physical, for reminding me to look in and up, to know all is present in abundance. Infinite is beyond what the physical appears to be. This is illusions , physical is what you are creating and perceiving on your inner. How you are inside is what you put on the outer. Lack or abundance is your conversation, not the truth.

God is Infinite and there is always abundance. All things are in change. What you choose to focus on is what you see, perceive and create. You are a powerful  co-creature, Remember what you are generating in the inner, is flowing creating a field that matches it and will flow back to you in same. This is a magnetic dimension.

To go beyond this you must be willing to be with the discomforts of your inner bringing Light Love the Beloved awakening. This is a Spiritual Warrior. Surrendering of the worshiping of the polarities you hold dear to, surrendering the mental that tells you it knows. Opening to the Unknown knowing goes beyond emotions, mind and ego. The box you think means success is the very spot you will be tested in.  To know the Beloved is beyond the tangible.

So go inner and look up, follow the Light, be Love as you do this and well, experience  you in the knowing.

I am grateful for every twist and turn, as I know the Beloved is all perfectly in flow. So there is no right or wrong. If I follow the flow, I am in the perfect place at the perfect time. Change is always available and is the gift of surrender. You know nothing is permanent, nor is the thing you believed outside of you what makes you happy, valuable or successful. To know this is the journey. Joy is everywhere even when it does not turn out the way you thought it should, Love is everywhere , even in the darkest places. Light is. God is.

When you are ready you will not be able to stop the journey of God as your focus. You will know there is nothing more and you are One. To know yourself is to let go and Let God. You are Beloved.  We are One.