Monthly Archives: July 2014

Ever Expanding


We are home within our own universe. When we go within ourselves to our loving we connect to the source that is our spark. This is the universal loving source, the God within connecting to the God source.

As we expand in our awareness of ourselves aligned with the source, our bodies our reality shifts and expands. When this happens the old home or ways that you believed were your identity or safety become limiting.   You expand beyond what you perceived as real and all.

You begin to understand there is no limit to you and the source. It is all here, it is all available..

When we are expanding it can feel painful, scary or even destructive . Letting go of the limiting ideas or even the physical way we carry these memories, can feel challenging. Grace is at hand if we are willing to relax, trust let go. The path within will allow the understanding, the connection to the freedom you are becoming more attuned to.

You are co-creating your environment with the universal God. What you know in your mind will never make the trip to the God knowing you are of and expanding in the light as. It is a being. Do not hold on to the thought or need to know in the mind, allow it to flow into and around you. You will vibrate, sing, the knowing.  There are no limits to your home, it is Divine and it is love, no matter how it looks.

We never loose, we only gain and expand if we are willing  to know ourselves as one love in the breath of God.

Soul Flight

tumblr_n8yzhd6VA21qbemp2o1_1280When we are in the shadows of our mind, looking at our reflection through the actions of others, or our own disappointments in the world, we miss the brightness of our own Divine self.

When we choose to go inward , opening to being with the God of our essence, opening up all of our tunnels to the light, the heavy metals of this world drop away. The metals of fear, anger, need to be validated by taking sides against anyone or anything in order to know you are right or lovable. Spinning stories to hurt others in turn hurting yourself. This is all heavy metal noise, creating the veils that blind the soul eyes from seeing and knowing the light in you and others. These illusions you create against yourself are just that, illusions. They tell you where you are afraid to know unconditional love. The love that goes past story,  the need to separate to know you are special . Putting others down in order to know you are loved. Keeping others small in your heart keeps you small in your heart. Honesty in loving will set your free.

Do not be afraid to go inside to the quite of the light.

The heartbeat of God will begin to sing in your ears and body, clearing the fog of negativity. When you are ready and not afraid to see the brilliance of your soul self, you will be in aww of the true you and the true them as one.

Taking flight over all of this life, and seeing it from above. Then you will know the unconditional love you are and all is at peace. Even when the world is still doing what it does. You are knowing love. you are expanding love in Gods grace.   C.M.