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Let Go • Let Light • Let Love


#1 – Friday, December 4th, 2015 – 6:00pm to 10:00pm
#2 and #3 Schedule times To Be Determined

We are at the place in the year where we experience transition in the calendar, finishing up what we have placed into action. Through the experience of our creation we may have had many challenges pushing us into transition. These have all been purpose-full. This is how we move through this world exploring ourselves, through change that challenges us into grace. Letting go of the things that hold us in restriction, creating the experience of separation inside and then in our life outside. This transformation is the process of loving light waking us up to our own Divine nature and is all perfectly designed. Coming into the love in our own internal discomforts, knowing how to comfort and love those places that struggle, are angry, are feeling many things that do not feel loving, brings us into a place of letting go. This opens us up to the beloved within and the Beloved we are of, as we are one. There can be no separation from the Beloved, it is the source of all. It Breathes us. The path begins to shimmer with light and welcomes us in every step, even when we stumble we are directed.

Come explore in the light and love, let go of the old design, opening your eyes to the shimmering path of Divine light that is guiding you home. You are home in the heart of the Beloved.

There will be meditation, sharing and processing.

Tuition: $450.00 (Tuition is non-refundable)
Location: Carpinteria, Ca. Address will be supplied once registered.

Please bring a Journal, and wear comfortable clothing.

Register: call 415-606-4883          Email:

When You Think You Know


This life is full of mystery and one of the wonderful places we play in this is through relationships.

Many times we believe we know about someone else’s feelings or ideas, when it is really your own imagination creating the experience within you. They may very well be bringing it to you but, only a karmic memory. the veils you are looking through are illusion. Be wise to know, you do not know. “Walk around yourself before you walk around some else” J. R.

Remember to know you do not know and to look in the mirror for the answer or truth. You will find these reflection coming back at you, giving you opportunity for truth, healing and more love. You are creating your reality of illusion, you carry what you believe about others. Kind, loving, angry, insecure, abundant, and more are all within each of us.

Through these exchanges we have opportunity to clear our past creations and any subtle ways we are repeating these behaviors. Life will bring experience to our door step in these ways to make us look deeper into the loving truth within. Be willing to claim your life creations and move to a more loving way without separating yourself and others through a victim or high archy position.

It is all the Beloved experiencing through these ups and downs. Honesty in this can be very difficult because we want to be the one who is right. There is no way to know what the full experience is, except by going within and exploring your part in it, you still can not know as it is all God. Become loving to all those places and know you are creating what you bring to yourself to alchemize into loving knowing. This does not mean we agree and continue in an unkind or unhealthy way. Uplifting our own light is health, wealth, happiness , in loving sharing.

BE Kind To Yourself and Be Kind to Others, You Do Not Know, Your Judgments Are Only Information About You …


Peace Within ~ Be the Peace ~ Be the Love


There is an inner radiant God within each of us.

This can be difficult to know in times of pain and suffering. How can we know this, be this while things are so challenged?  We can know this by going within our own inner kingdom and attuning to the Radiant Love that is Beating our hearts, Breathing our Life.

When we go within to quite in loving, we may encounter our own wars, our own struggles, this is where we can begin to heal the world, through healing our own negative creation. We must quite to know where we are withholding love. This healing comes through love. We all carry conflict. These are places we have created through experience in this life, holding them as truth. Even if the experience was negative in that moment, we have choice to move to healing the place inside that stills holds on to the anger, hurt, and sense of separation, creating a vibration of against- ness in our own vibration, connected in the song of creation.

So we are important. We have the loving power to bring peace from within to our own internal environment, spreading this loving harmony out as we walk in this world, touching, lifting all we encounter. We choose what we bring. Even when others choose violence, anger, hurt, and more, we can choose to go to the loving within and be this. When we encounter negativity, is  exactly when we have the deeper opportunity to strengthen our loving core, using it to heal our own negativity. We may not have the answers but, when we are in loving relaxed harmony the answer comes present.

Be the answer, Be the Healing, this will spread the Love. We are One, We are Beloved of the Beloved. Go within, find your song of God and let it sing the healing through you. Grace is at hand when we are willing to let go, we are free.

Happy Birthday MOYO ~ Montecito Yoga Studio


I want to thank MOYO, actually the Lovely Heart and creator of this healing place. Denise Zaverdas.  She has been so welcoming to me and sharing my work with people since I moved to the Santa Barbara community. She has created a beautiful space for yoga and many other people who are bringing more love and healing to our experience here.

It is MOYO’s 5th year and I have been around for 3 of those years. She continues to grow in her own experience in sharing her love through her work and the studio continues to welcome all.

.Join the celebration tonight if you are inspired to share in sweetness. Here is the website link with more information

Thank You Denise…You are a loving light…

**** If you have not been there I suggest checking it out, take a class or more. ****




The Liberation of the heart is the healing of the creation that tells us we are alone or need…  As we walk this life through and we keep looking up, we become less and less attached to things and outcomes, This allows the experience of love to come forward in our own heart beat, in our own breath, being the spirit of love, moving forward in creation supported of love.

Enjoy the scenery and be the love. Sharing this touches all that we encounter. When there is heaviness it is only another step showing us what is blocking our view into the higher realms of light. Like a weight that had been holding you in a reality of limitations, when you take it off or release it, you are able to climb higher or come up for more breath. We enjoy the breathing and light of the day more than ever from a liberated knowing all is perfect. We see through our love eyes a new way of being in ourselves and see others from this new view of light.

Be the Love and then Be the Love, there is always more available. Relax and do not stop looking up.



We begin at 3:00pm November 6th.

Take a breath and retreat in the Divine Love you are within you, at 3:00 where ever you are..

If you are inspired, there is still a place for you here but, you are in our hearts as we are one breathing love..

Much Love and Light

Looking to the Light


We know the place we stand at as  “the truth” when we are holding on to what we have experienced as the only truth. We must be willing to know there is more than what we have experienced available, but we must choose to look out the window to more love, more light. When we choose to take a chance on love and light, we choose those things that are uplifting. This is the only way we can come to know the new experience. Waiting for others to choose for us will always fall short. No one else is in charge of you but you. We must open the window and step out in the light from the shadows we focus on as “the true” reality..

The new level of uplifting is waiting on the other side of the window. Even when we see and or experience more light, we might tend to still trust the shadows as our only way to belong, ignoring the signs, the opportunities, that continue to knock at our hearts, telling us there is a new and more loving way.

We must choose what we surround ourselves with and how we share. Are we in a place that is supporting the loving or are we in a place that is supporting the shadows, dimming out light to sleep?

This is a journey of loving choices, it is all available to all… Waking up can seem counter to what we thought was important. Choosing ourselves can also seem scary and somehow unloving to those around us. When we begin to know true love for ourselves, we know that opening to more love in our own being, “waking up” is the only path that is the pull. It is not a path, it is a way of being you, the spiritual awake you. There is no judgment on what you choose. Remember you are in charge of your choices. Be loving, relax and allow the light to pour over and through you, lead you.

Open your heart and be aware and you will know the way is supported even when you can not see it or have not yet experienced it. Creative love will be uplifting and met by more love.

Be the love open to more…