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NEW OFFERING -November 5th Oakland Ca. Awakening to the Breath of Love, the Breath of Light Workshop- Private Sessions- San Francisco & Oakland available the following week.


Awakening to the Breath of Love ,the Breath of Light Workshop
Sunday November  5th ,2017  Time : 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm 
Location ,  Oakland California ~ Marilyn Jaeger Studio 5257 Collage Ave. ~ 
Private Sessions with Christi will be available November 7t,h 8th, 9,th 10th, Both  San Francisco and Oakland Locations.
I invite you to open your heart to the inner Light that is your source. This is a infinite Loving light, to know this is to experience it. To experience it you must be willing to go within and lovingly clear the things that are holding you in separation from your true self. 
This workshop is a sacred space that is held in Loving light. We will meditate and share in clearing and processing with spirit guiding it all..
When we gather in Love and the intention to let go, we have a source that expands, as one lifts we all lift. We awaken together.
These are times of opportunity, you lift and the world lifts. We are not victims, we are co-creators. We will explore this in an intimate way.
To know your own power through your inner awakening is  to know the Infinite love, the source of all that is Breathing you.
To Register ;  This is a small group with limited space, please pre-register. 
Our intention opens the door for Grace. You are the key to what you are seeking.
Call 415-606-4883 or email
Date: Sunday November 5th, 2017
Time: 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Tuition: $150.00
To book a  private session just use the contact information information above.
In loving light




Let go and Let God – Know you are loved.  Share your essence Be-Loved. All is renewed in this Divine Flow.

Compassion is uplifting in the letting go and being the Light , the Love from the essence with – in.  If you are suffering for or with those who are challenged, find the illumination,  heal this place that is bound in fear and hurt. Love is the answer, Love that lifts is not down it is liberated, knowing infinite flow is at hand. Let go of the form and know the unknown , expanding the light within and you uplift this world. We are one.

Choose all opportunities to love more to light more…

Love and Light



I have noticed times when I have asked for help and when it was offered, I just found every excuse not to receive. Maybe I was just lazy or maybe I wanted to control what and how it came. I also know when I finally was pushed to realizing I was not in control, that was good news, because I finally started to allow what was coming to me to be my biggest blessings. Even when it messed my plans up.

When we are offered something,  and we are ready to receive, even if it is uncomfortable but, we truly want the support, the gift, the change, we will do anything to be available to receive it. This can mean giving up control.

If we take for granted the gifts that are offered, there will be more but,  not the way you were given them the first time. It will knock at your door only so many times. We have to value something to receive the value.

Be aware of the gifts that show up, even if it seems you had other plans. These are times we are given the choice. what we choose as our priority is the message we give ourselves and the Universe,.

So I have a question an observation and exercise for you. Watch, listen to yourself, what are you asking for, and what are you choosing. Notice if what you are asking for is showing up but, makes you uncomfortable and you keep refusing the very thing you have asked for, the thing that will support you, open doors, assist with the things that you are seeking. This is an inner game. If you ask for support, then turn and walk in another direction because it is different than what you think it should be, you have just given a message to yourself and the Universe, you want the other distraction more.

These continue to be powerful times, the choices we are making on the inner are the directive that is at hand. Is the Inner, your mind, your emotions, or is it the Divine flow  that opens the windows of the unknown, bringing the gifts of Love?

Be willing to receive, be willing to change, be willing to open to the unknown – knowing. You will find your life unfolding in Love and Guidance.

You Choose…Ask and Receive or Ask and Avoid in the name of Control or Fear. You do have the answers, you must awaken to them.

You are the Beloved – Awaken those places that are holding onto the old. The only way to go is up.

In Love and Light





I want to share a bit about keeping the focus of Loving Transformation during these times of challenge. I know this is what I am constantly writing about and what the work is about. It is really not work ,it is about Love.

I was speaking with someone in Napa today, and the intense fires and energy that come with this, can be full of fear and vulnerable feeling. Fear for your life and what you know as home and safety in your world is being pulled apart. This has been happening everywhere as you probably know. Actually this is the condition of this world, change is always the constant, wether we see it or not. It all has purpose.

I would like to suggest if you are feeling out of control and fearful, take time to go inside and attune to the inner source. This is what we can do to change the situation in the moment. When we all re-frame ourselves to our inner world and if we see that we are feeling crazy inside, take time to attend to this. “Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.”

Sit down close your eyes, Breath in the Love, Breath out the fear, Breath in the Love Breath out the anger, Keep doing this over and over. Relax, just allow yourself to breath or be breathed. There is a letting go and a receiving happening here. You are Loved , you are safe, you are Love. Keep at this until you notice the quiet, the calm, your heart is open, relaxed. If you would like to assist in the peace, do this and send the Love and Light to the places inside first and ask for the Grace assistance. When you experience something lightening you –  know you have been met. Just allow the Peace, the comfort to sing you.

This transformation of your inner world is resonating in the whole of creation, as you go within and Lighten in Peace, in Love, you become a fountain. This spills into creation. Soothing the fires of the world, assisting in uplifting what is heavy.

When we panic and move into more polar energies we feed the fire.. It is okay when this happens, but this is where we can move to our Inner Master, not avoiding the fear but, listening, bringing Love and Healing to these places. This is the Transformation we Awaken to. We all are of Spirit, how awake to this we are is always being pushed. The challenges are calling us to choose the Awakening or the sleep. It is an amazing journey of our inner Divine Self coming to the forefront of our awareness, our experience. When we know this we can find the peace, love, and safety , the purpose in all. We can know the Divine in all even when it is a challenge.

So I send you the Love and Light that is and I also suggest you receive it, then send it to those situations that are in upset in ned. Start with your inner, when you have the experience of the Light Lightening, ask that the Light be sent to all that are in need. For the Highest Good.

In Love Light and Gratitude . You are Loved and you are Love, Breath in, receive, let go and Repeat as needed. Fountain of Love…Flowing…Quenching the fires of hurt and more.Illuminating All.

Loving Light Heals the Shadows…


I know these are challenging times. There seems to be an abundance of shadows creating a sense of confusion, fear, anger, hurt, sadness and more.

Just a reminder, there is more Light and it is more powerful. Moving inside to a place of receptivity can be as challenging as seeing the world in its shadowy places as running us. Choosing the Light, the Love is the way to the answers that brings the understanding, the door, the passage of Alchemy. This is a collective experience and as we personally choose to go with – in and work with our fears and shadows in Loving Light we illuminate the world.

Knowing the power of the Light, the Love you are and are of, creates connection of flow from and within this  Light Love Inspiration. Moving across our own inner planet we begin to see and experience the steps that can create a loving change. We are the answer to what we are afraid of or needing. We are supported and inspired in and of the Beloved.

You are Loved and you are Love. Choose to know this in the Infinite Flow of the Divine and there will always be a knowing of support. Even when it does not appear to be obvious, there is a knowing of Divine Love, that allows the Support to be present.

Do not be afraid as you are the Inspiration of Love of the Beloved and we are all One.

In Love, Light and Support