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Refresh Yourself – Summer Workshop Series of 3 Acceptance – Being Present In The Presence – First Session July 21st, 2019


 Workshop Series – Acceptance – Being Present in the Presence

 In Person and Online Available

 Session 1 – July 21st, 2019  – Session 2  & 3 will be schedule with the group. 1 to 2 weeks apart.

Join me in a series of 3 workshops that will be opening hidden places to the Light and free yourself from your limitations. What is ready for you to let go, accept and love, then flourish in the areas that the limited reality has been keeping you from. You are Beloved Light

Take the Time to Read this, allowing to flow through and over you. Call yourself into the Light before you read.

Be Present with what is – can you allow in a state of Love, even if what you are experiencing seems to make no sense, or may seem challenging? Do you know Love is calling you out in all circumstances?  This is and can be very challenging but, it is possible as you allow yourself to accept the parts of you that are challenged to be your gift, with the answers you are seeking. Acceptance, it can be challenging to accept but, be willing to be with what is present in the Presence, allowing support beyond the known. Coming in alignment allows co-creatorship to come forward in joy and clarity as we let go of the resistance to what is present, as we let go doors open, our eyes, our heart are available to what is beyond what we perceive is truth.

To be in acceptance is not to give up but, open to a Lighter – Expanded view, allowing what is present with out a judgement, or push for a right or wrong. When in this state of Loving acceptance you find yourself in a flow in the Presence? Nothing is binding you in polarity and you are available to Grace  – what is available is Freedom. What new may be calling you on the Inner and the outer direction. The Gift is showing up for you to unwrap, so you must open your heart and begin to unwrap the package to reveal the Gift that is within.

We free ourselves from the control fears and move into ease and relaxation in acceptance. The focus is relaxed, the focus is Love is present even when we are in doubt and we find ourselves in a knowing state that all is well, even in a situation that seems challenged. We are open to the uplifting experience in the midst of the uncomfortable. When we accept we are in discomfort  – allowing the Breath to calm and accept – receive and let go, we allow a more grace filled way to begin to surface.

We all have looked at acceptance in different ways, this series will be aligned in Spirit to help awaken and allow more acceptance in the areas you may with-hold love. These are the places that are calling you to see and accept by listening in Love, allowing the Grace. These places are always present and many people believe if they just try and ignore themselves and push through they will be better off. This never really works. You are being run by these very fears and denials.

Open your heart and you will be led in your life in Love and freedom, not denying any part of you or what you have created.

We will be in meditation, and processing. When we share in a Group we allow reflection in a sacred space that brings more opportunity for your own inner to be stirred as others share in the light. We explore what is present for you in an organic safe and Sacred place. You will find your inner tools that you can carry with you always.

BE the Love – Accept Love…

Location in Person – Carpinteria , Ca or Online via Zoom

Start Date: July 21st, 2019 – Session 1 ( Session 2 & 3 Dates will be scheduled with Group) The series builds so if you can do all 3 it will reveal in way of unwrapping the package in Grace.

Time : 10:00am to 5:00pm – with break and a Lunch break 

Tuition: Prepaid 3  Series –  $900 

Single Session Payments Prepaid  – $325  each

Registration : Contact – Christi Mider – @ or call 415-606-4883.

In Loving Service – Christi




Love – Innocence – Acceptance – Present In The Presence.


Acceptance is uplifting love.

See the One who shows up,  makes mistakes or feels out of place and clumsy or  whatever else comes up through your loving heart.

Remember, keep getting up and you are loved in all of this. Be Kind to yourself, and open to the inspiration of Love, the Divine Essence is present in you, around you Breathing You.

There is infinite support and supply, you are of that creation. Love is the opening to the flow of receiving and giving. When your heart is closed to you or others, you are shut off to the flow of infinite abundance, inspiration comes out of this. All has love in it, you are here to love. Loving yourself, the parts that seem imperfect, is the first place of freeing yourself from the limits you put on yourself. When you limit yourself by judging yourself, you limit your life. You are of the Infinite Beloved.

Awaken the places to the flow of the Divine Presence that is Breathing You.

Love it all, and open to uplifting, moving in the flow of support,  be surprised by what shows up inside and out. You are Beloved always.

In Loving Service


Gratitude – Love – Acceptance ( Re-post – with important correction, I love my typos..)


When I forget or feel confused about my focus of my life, I move to gratitude love. I move back inside to the simplicity of myself, my sweetness that is Love.  When I do this I begin to relax, and let go of the worries and fears. I let go of the confusion and begin to open to alignment of receiving. When I open to receiving a flow of giving and receiving begin to walk me in my life inside and out.

Be Grateful for yourself, the one who stumbles the one who gets up again, the one who is always there loving even when you forget.

Renewing your love everyday, starts inside you. The places you put down or ignore.  Renew in Love. These are the places that are here to be loved and unified in the Beloved Heart you are.

You are the caretaker of this sweet being of love who has forgotten what it is. When you allow yourself to awaken from within, you begin to be a more compassionate person for yourself and others.

Creativity comes from the Divine flow of Love. When we are in restriction, control and judgments inside, we are not allowing our Divine connection of receiving and giving flow.

Take time to move into Gratitude for the small things, the one inside that keeps showing up. Be gentle, be kind to yourself, you will find kindness overflows to others. The challenges that are coming forward are calling us to move inside to the loving, as we heal the hurts and confusion, the flow of love begins to be present where there seemed only to be limitation.

Gratitude is a simple tool or more of a remembering to ourselves in Love, We are the Beloved – of the Beloved being opened to the Spirit of Love Remembering ourselves. We will be seeing and living though those God eyes of love. Our Inner Eyes see the world from this perspective of our experiences that have been patterned in, so awaken to the love and we will see the solutions the up-liftment is present even in the disturbances.

We will be more available to the solution of Harmony when we become that Harmony that Love. It starts within us.

I Gratefully take my next breath, I am Grateful for my Loving lungs that receive and give life to this Divine body. I Gratefully share my inspirations with you the reader. I am grateful for your loving eyes and heart that receives what and how it does. A flow of Light Love connects us all. I am Grateful in the present in the Presence.

Be the Love You Are…


Gratitude – Appreciation – Love


I am…Grateful – Love

When we forget that infinite love is doing all of this, we may move into lack and restriction.

Take a moment – take a breath , take another breath, open to your own Love, in Gratitude. We find our center when we move to gratitude , our eyes and heart open and we are available to the flow of love of light that we are seeking.

Remember – look for your gratitude and you will find the answers will become more clear. Love will bring the answers. Love is the answer, in gratitude, to give and receive it is one flow.

I am Grateful Love, I am Grateful for all the challenges that bring me back to this place of knowing Love is present and that the very things that seem to be a problem are showing me where I am forgetting the love and gratitude flow that I am.

I am grateful for all of you known and unknown. I am present n Love and Gratitude.

I suggest you try this –  see how it goes, maybe you will let go of something that is keeping you in separation.

Happy Celebration of Gratitude – Love

Enjoy the Gratitude click the song link.