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One Love


I have been given an opportunity to explore my own process of sharing.

Through this process of shining the light into places that hold onto a need for the response to my sharing in a certain way, I have an experience of  beauty in seeing the places that hold onto separation and lack. These places are control centers.

These places have a misunderstanding, that to know I am Love or Worthy, I need others to see me a certain way and respond to the sharing in a certain way so I know I am special.

I have been allowing myself the challenge to be self aware when I share a service, a gift or my work.  Am I looking for a response that makes me feel special or that I have purpose through the other persons response? Am I giving unconditionally or am I seeking something when giving?

I am becoming more relaxed within, as I have been able to take the moment of awareness, when abandoning myself to acknowledge what I am doing , when I become aware of sharing from a conditional place. Pausing in the honest discomfort and giving  Love and Comfort to that place that is reaching instead of being and flowing. Knowing it is only a place that has forgotten I am whole and we are one in the Divine Song of God. there are no limits and all flows from God. God is infinite Love. We are One…

So how do I stay attuned to this?  I go within and stay with the Loving within.  I am willing to keep going to the honest discomfort and Loving from with-in. Opening to Spirit through breath and meditation.

The wonderful thing about this, is my sharing is free as I move into the infinite Song I do not expect something, it already is. I am aware it is all one flow of giving and receiving. I am experiencing an open opportunity of love and neutral abundance. In this I know I am full and supported , Others do not hold the freedom or validation.

When I share I am open to the flow, giving and receiving are free in the exchange.

It is natural.

The ego and the places that forget and go into retraction, fear or need to control, are still present at times, it requires loving relaxation to move through this and let it fall away. I keep this as a constant loving refocus within.

The Freedom to share in giving and receiving becomes one of Ordinariness in Love. No one is more than another, we are one in the dance of sharing. Allowing all to express and dance free is the freedom of inner peace and love. The opportunity to share is uplifting in the freedom.

Be the Love -Sharing in overflow of knowing this with-in and walk in freedom. Sharing is also receiving, so observe how you receive. It is one dance.

Give yourself the opportunity, observe, be honest, and love it all. See what comes…

You are the Beloved Love Song of God. Dance within this and freedom in Loving flow will be present Now –  as it is already.


Share the Love


Be brave and be Love. This can be a quiet moment, this can be a joyful moment, this can be a kind thought, this can be a kind sharing.

There is overflow available when you are in freedom within. This is where the love, the overflow resides and will resonate. It is an experience.

Be open to the experience that is uplifting beyond what you have had before , this is where you expand in vulnerability. The unknown, is waiting.

Be the Love, Let go, Let the song of God that sings you sing in the Light. Share from this place and your presence , words will be singing in Light. Sharing goes beyond the words.

Be the Love…it is natural…



The Gift is present now in this moment, the offering overflows.

It is difficult to receive when all you perceive is, it is not enough or not what I wanted, imagined.  When you feel unloved or unlovable, this will be how you experience everything. The mind will keep chattering about what is not, instead of being at Peace with an open heart, experiencing through the Loving Heart will open the mind and all shifts in the  Light.

Move to gratitude in your Heart, Be grateful to yourself and all that is present. Your world will open up in overflow. You are the key to all that is here in your reality.

Knowing you are responsible for your creation, can seem overwhelming. If you move to looking at all that is, through grateful, loving eyes, you will begin to experience, see the Bounty that is present , just on the other side of what seems limited, that view is just information about what you have been creating or created, Love it. See the illusion of separation you have created. Do not judge it, Love is the answer. Be grateful to all of it. It is all an opportunity to know yourself in the Power of Love that you are.

Receive the Gift of Love. Move inside for the Love where the Beloved resides and walk in the world with this being your guide. No one, nothing can take this away, as it is your very essence.

In Love and Gratitude


What You Cant See…


I am more aware of the push to trust the unseen, the inner experience is the guide and when I strain to see past, when I step outside myself, and want know – control  or move to the outside doing to get something- I miss the gift that is right here now. It is not a problem things are in movement – change. When we make an effort to change from a place of abandoning ourselves to please others, we might find walls everywhere. When we try and control just for the sake of knowing, what we think should happen, will happen, we will find walls everywhere. So what  can we you do?

I know we will hold tight to something saying it is a boundary- yet it is a control energy. This can create a block in energy and flow of love and clarity. We may even feel like we are more out of control inside because we keep having to keep walls, up. Relaxing inside is not available.

Finding balance and harmony inside, sharing and caring can look many ways, yet it does not involve control.  Love is Free inside and in our creation. Even if we agree to please  someone , many times  this does not come from free Love but, to make sure the other person does not get upset, or feels important. Why would we do that, because we are not in our center and sharing from the heart. We are sharing from another place.

How can we share without control, by being open to the unknown – and change – letting go of some of the things we may have held as the way.

Opening to the highest good is opening to Spirit- to the unknown and change. Grace will show itself for all concerned and through the process there will be unity in Love in freedom.We are supported in ways we can not imagine.

So take the time and breath deep, let go, and open to all possibilities in a peaceful, loving, supportive way for all. Place whatever may restricting you in the Light. Be open to the Love in guidance.  Getting the uplifting experience will prevail in the freedom to change in flow and share.

I only share this as this dance is my constant, what I want and what I think I want, or even what I plan is always a moving target. I have learned when I move from a mental, physical, must have place, not with Spirit alignment, everything seems to stop. I am pushed in ways that are uncomfortable  yet bring me the most amazing surprises of love if I let go and allow. The internal freedom becomes more and more natural . Letting go of the against stories, and considering a new step inside then the outer begins to unfold. Loosing control is truth as we are not in control anyhow. To know God within is to loose control yet, gain freedom.

So you choose once again, freedom or control.

Much Love and Light




Good Morning !



YOU ARE THE LIGHT- awaken to this within and be the walking Light.

Wake up to your inner Kingdom of Love and Light. Let this Light shine even in the places that want to hide. It is all here to be polished – remembering who – what you are. The Beloved.

Do not be afraid of your crevices, they are only here to enhance your own experience of Light and shadow. Choosing back to the loving by loving it all. This allows the flow of Light to be in ease and abundance.  Releasing your resistance to know all without fear and shame. Seeing it through your Divine eyes, calling yourself home.

Good Morning to You – Shine Bright – It is Natural- Relaxed and Flowing.

Breath in the love – Breath out the resistance – Breath in the Love – Breath out the upset- Breath in the Love – Breath Out you are in the Flow… Continue..


Celabrate !


Happy Fourth of July..Enjoy the Night Sky as it Lights up!

Enjoy the Inner Sky as you light up! Go within and enjoy the Beloved Fire works always available, waiting to be immersed in your being.

You are the Night Sky, You are the Fire works that shine Light.

Gio within and enjoy the sweet celebration of the Beloved sky you are of and are.

Celebration is always available . So take some time and be the celebration and go out and share the celebration you are walking as.

Be the love – Be the Celebration  – See the Love in Others and Celebrate Others.

Kindness with – in shows and showers the world in Light!

When you are in Celebration within –  you will experience the outer in the same. It is not go out there to be happy, it is go with-in, be happy, then walk in the Light of happiness , you are the generator, and you will be happy where ever you are..