Telling My Tale to Reintroduce Myself to you.

I want to start by saying I have planned nothing in this journey yet I am clearly on a path. The more I understood I did not have the answers the more I understand. Not understand in terms of finally knowing, but in terms of freedom in embracing it all and bringing it all back to loving creation.  The focus of my work is to help others connect with spirit, heal and expand on all levels, finding their way back to their soul selves.

I have been doing healing work for the past 18 years. This inner calling came about while I was doing fashion styling, living in San Francisco.  I have always had an ability to hear and see spirit, along with feeling and hearing things about other people. I did not know it was not about me, so I pretty much felt disconnected to my center most of the time. I was trying to manage others feelings as my own, this did not work so well.  

The wonderful thing about experiencing others this way was that I really realized how much we are all mirrors of each other, not exactly, but the essence that shows up for us to experience through others does reflect something we each carry in ourselves. My misunderstanding of my intuitive abilities gave me challenges within myself.  While we reflect each other, my compassion for others pain took me down roads in myself teaching me how to heal through experience and inner guidance.

 I have always loved Mr Magoo because my life always seems to show up for me without me knowing it. I step and there is something there to guide me to the next place.  While my inner guidance and connection to spirit were growing clearer, this life and work can be challenging and the support of teachers is important. My path has had a magical weaving of teachers and practitioners helping me open up to my inner Master. I found a deeply important ongoing mentorship and friendship with Robert Waterman in Santa Fe, NM. His work supports and reflects what I was experiencing and exploring with my self and spirit. These relationships with others on this journey are important as we are in constant change and growth. 

  Meditation is my key to being tuned into the clearing, connecting and transformation with spirit. Inner teachers come forward and assist in my life and with the work I do this is the constant in my life. This is where the relationship to myself and spirit become one. My awareness continues to be refined as the journey continues. I bring this connection into all of my relationships and work in this world, there is no separation. 

We are all reflections of our creations to each other, at least in essence. Through the process of opening up to my healing work with people, I am also clearing blocks and coming more into my soul self.  I committed to this work because I found that it is a way of life that comes naturally and lovingly.

I can only say that this organic life process is an amazing education. My teachers, whether they have been formal or the people I live life with, have all been perfect and always evolving and expanding as life does. The joy I find in my work with people is that everyone is evolving and as this unfolds, nurtures, and aligns for you, I too, align.

 In addition to living and working in the glorious Santa Barbara area, I travel to New York, Los Angeles, Sun Valley and San Francisco with my work.  

 My contact info is on the website also more details on the story.

Love and Light and to be continued …

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